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September 20, 2023 2 Comments

Whether you adore or despise them, drones undeniably represent a magical tool that significantly enhances your photography skills. Offering a unique vantage point akin to that of a bird (or an incredibly agile climber!), they grant perspectives otherwise unattainable.

In comparison to landscape or sports photography, drone photography involves a notably chilly experience due to prolonged periods of standing still. Unlike the constant movement in landscape photography aimed at discovering optimal compositions, drone photography demands intense focus and attention, resulting in a rather stationary photographer. Reduced movement during photography expedites the onset of cold, emphasizing the absolute necessity of proper winter attire for drone flying.

If you're unsure where to begin, you can check out this blog post on layering for winter photography. However, this post delves specifically into the realm of gloves, so let's dive right in.

drone in the air in winter

As temperatures plummet, our extremities experience reduced blood flow, impacting our dexterity. The act of flying a drone demands unwavering precision and control, making the Skadi LRS the ultimate glove choice. It stands out as our most adaptable and multifaceted glove offering. Beginning with a liner, followed by a mitt, we enhance the photographer's control with finger zippers and ingenious FlipTech on the thumb for maximum control.

Changing ND Filter on a drone with the Vallerret Skadi LRS

The Liner:

The Skadi LRS comes with an included liner made from PowerStretch Pro from Polartec, a revolutionary fabric that features reinforced elastic fibres creating 4-way stretch that meets the demanding push and pull of activity. This agile, dual-surface fabric absorbs moisture from the skin while continuously wicking it to the outer layer for fast evaporation. The liner has a windproof panel on the back of the fingers to protect against the elements and is touch-screen compatible meaning you can operate your devices without ever having to expose your skin.

Flying a drone with the Vallerret Skadi LRS

The Mitt:

The mitt slides snugly over the PSP liner and includes our unique FlipTech on the thumb. Plus, there's a finger zip that lets you uncover just one or all four fingers—giving you the level of control you need. And here's the kicker: a handy button on the hand's side keeps the unzipped mitt securely tucked away, making equipment operation a breeze.

Crafted from sleek PU faux leather boasting a laminated DWR outer shell, it is engineered to keep you effortlessly dry. Even if some moisture sneaks in, the 100% Merino wool insulation ensures you stay warm. The palm offers an excellent grip on your controller, while the storm leash prevents you from losing the mitts in the powder when you need to drop them.

Setting up a drone with the Vallerret Skadi LRS

The Combo:

The Skadi LRS simplifies winter drone flying. On extremely cold days, combining both the liner and mitt provides utmost warmth. Alternatively, for milder days, the liners featuring windproof finger backing offer just the right insulation. When using the liner and glove simultaneously, the glove can be unzipped partially to expose one finger or fully to uncover all four, offering versatile options. Such flexibility makes this glove an excellent choice for photographers navigating varying weather conditions.

Checking your drone footage with the Vallerret Skadi LRS

Numerous photographers contend that the best glove for flying drones is none at all. However, as this isn't feasible, especially for seasoned winter photographers, the Skadi LRS emerges as the next optimal choice. Operating a drone demands precise control and nimbleness, and with its customizable features, touchscreen compatibility, and comfortable warmth, the Skadi LRS stands out as an excellent option for all winter aerial photographers.

Are you a winter drone photographer? What tips do you have for aerial photography in the winter?

2 Responses

Erica | Vallerret Photography Gloves
Erica | Vallerret Photography Gloves

March 05, 2021

Hi Bruce, thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad you found the article helpful. Hope you love the gloves and the beanie. Happy winter shooting!

Bruce A. Christianson
Bruce A. Christianson

March 04, 2021

I am so glad you have an article regarding Drone Photography! As any sUAV Pilot will tell you Winter flying is really a cold endeavor. And you hit the nail on the head in that article. Looking forward to wearing your Skadi Zipper Mitt gloves and STASH Beanie.
Bruce C. – Minneapolis, MN USA

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