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Love them or hate them, there’s no question that drones are a magical piece of equipment that can seriously elevate your photography game. Drones provide a unique viewpoint on the world that only a bird (or a really fit climber!) could see.

When compared to landscape photography or sports photography, drone photography is a relatively cold affair because of the amount of time you spend standing still. Unlike landscape photography where you’re constantly on the move to find the best composition, drone photography requires a lot of focus and attention and, consequently, a pretty still photographer. When you’re not moving as much during your photography, you tend to get colder quicker which is why it’s absolutely essential to be dress properly for winter drone flying. If you’re not sure where to start, you can read this blog post here on how to layer for winter photography but this post is all about gloves so let’s get into it.

drone in the air in winter

As the temperatures drop, our extremities lose blood and our dexterity goes out the window. Flying a drone requires constant precision and control which is why the Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP is the ideal glove for drone flying. The Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP is our most customizable and versatile glove in our line up. We start with a liner, add a mitt and then give the photographer a zip across the tops of the fingers and some FlipTech on the thumb for optimal control.

The Liner:

The Skadi PSP comes with an included liner made from PowerStretch Pro from Polartec, a revolutionary fabric from that features reinforced elastic fibres creating 4-way stretch that meets the demanding push and pull of activity. This agile, dual-surface fabric absorbs moisture from the skin while continuously wicking it to the outer layer for fast evaporation. The liner has a windproof panel on the back of the fingers to protect against the elements and is touch screen compatible meaning you can operate your devices without ever having to expose your skin.

gloves for drone photographers

The Mitt:

The mitt fits over the PSP liner and features our signature FlipTech on the thumb as well as a finger zip allowing you to reveal just one or all four of your fingers, depending on how much control you need. A button on the side of the hand keeps the unzipped mitt out the way so you can operate your equipment with ease.

The outer is made from goat leather, laminated soft twill and a 2 ply DWR suede to help keep you dry and the 100% merino wool insulation will keep you warm even if some moisture does get into the gloves. The sticky palm print gives you an excellent grip on the camera and the storm leash allows you to drop the mitts without the fear of losing them in the powder.

gloves for drone photographers

The Combo:

The Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP makes drone flying in the winter a breeze. For super cold days, use both the liner and the mitt and for days when you just need to take the chill off a bit, the liners with the windproof backing on the fingers will be the perfect amount to keep you warm. When using the liner and the glove together, you can unzip the glove only slightly to reveal one finger or all the way to reveal all four. The options on this glove are endless and make it a great glove for the photographer who is in ever-changing weather.

gloves for drone photographers

Many photographers would argue that the ideal glove for drone flying is no glove at all but since that’s not really an option for even the most hardened winter photographers, the Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP is the next best thing. Drone operation requires acute dexterity and control and the with the customizability, touch screen capabilities, and cosy warmth, the Skadi Zipper Mitt is a great option for all of the winter aerial photographers out there.

Are you a winter drone photographer? What tips do you have for aerial photography in the winter?

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Erica | Vallerret Photography Gloves
Erica | Vallerret Photography Gloves

March 05, 2021

Hi Bruce, thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad you found the article helpful. Hope you love the gloves and the beanie. Happy winter shooting!

Bruce A. Christianson
Bruce A. Christianson

March 04, 2021

I am so glad you have an article regarding Drone Photography! As any sUAV Pilot will tell you Winter flying is really a cold endeavor. And you hit the nail on the head in that article. Looking forward to wearing your Skadi Zipper Mitt gloves and STASH Beanie.
Bruce C. – Minneapolis, MN USA

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