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October 11, 2023

There is something about forests that is just simply enchanting, no matter the season you find them in. The eeriness of a bare winter tree, the lushness of a summer tree in full bloom, the comfort of a tree in its golden autumn cloak. Unlike many types of landscape photography, woodland photography doesn't require any special travel. If you live by some trees, you too can jump into woodland photography!

If you're looking for inspiration, here are our current favourite woodland photographers to check out.  

1. Dag Ole Nordhaug  

Dag is a fine art landscape photographer from Norway who excels when it comes to photographing forests and shores.

“Many think of landscapes as static subjects, but I find that a scene rarely is the same from one day to another. Light, shadow, seasons, moon-phase and tide are all dynamic processes continuously altering the character of a place. I often visit the same location again and again, always searching for new light and compositions. Many of my images are the result of weeks or months of planning, scrutinizing maps, checking weather-conditions, moon-phases and tidal charts.”

2. Simon Baxter  

Simon is a photograph hailing from the North York Moors in the UK and is a woodland photographer we have admired for years. He is best known for his YouTube videos in which he shares his relaxed and considered approach to woodland photography. His videos also communicate the benefits of an emotional connection to the landscape and the joys of sharing your time outdoors with a four-legged friend.

Although Simon enjoys creating further afield, his most recognised work is a result of his unique approach to photography in the quiet corners of North Yorkshire and his empathetic commitment to the places he loves.


3. Mads Peter Iversen  

Mads is a Danish photographer best known for his Youtube videos which provide inspirational and educational tutorials on how to capture landscape photos with a focus on forest photography. He’ll walk you through exactly how he would photograph any given landscape and provides quick tips to help his viewers progress in their own woodland photography. 

“I find my inspiration all over the world but I'm especially drawn to the nordic, cold and harsh yet stunningly beautiful nature.

I'm a child of the postmodern era and has grown up with action movies such as Armageddon, The Rock and Batman, fantasy movies such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Avatar and Game of Thrones and computer games such as Warcraft and Diablo. All of these influence my photography heavily. And then... in the back of my head roams the Scandinavian minimalism, which pops up on different occasions."


4. Daniel Mirlea  

Daniel Mîrlea is a Romanian landscape and nature photographer passionate about discovering new places. Daniel’s photographic adventure started at the end of 2015 with a hike in Cozia National Park in Romania, where he was photographing the Făgăraș Mountains. Two years later, he quit his job as a manager, to jump into nature photography. 

For him, photography is not just taking photos, it is a way of life. Through his photography, he tries to show other people how beautiful and vital nature is to our lives it is. He believes that everything in nature is connected, and we, as nature photographers, have a mission when we are in the field: to protect the environment and to take with us just the memories of that moment and the photograph itself.


5. Marina Walker  

 Marina is a photographer from the UK who focuses on her neighborhood woodlands and flower fields. 

"My love for woodland photography stems from living in leafy Hertfordshire (just north of London) for the past 30 years. Home to some ancient woodland, walking there is my way to relax and photography became an extension of this pastime. My photographic style captures the magical atmosphere within a woodland landscape, especially of ancient trees, with the hope of evoking a feeling in the viewer.

With a degree in Art History, I am inspired by the Impressionists with their use of light and the notion of capturing a moment in time; the moments where the weather and seasons display qualities that are so ephemeral that they won't ever be that exact way again. I strive to find beauty and intricacy wherever I look, as if adopting the eyes of a film director to frame every scenario I see, and find interest in details that would perhaps pass other people by." 

6. Martin Podt  

Martin is a photographer from the Netherlands. His passion for photography started  around 2013, although as a child he was already taking photos with the SLR with his father. His camera is almost always by his side, especially when walking or biking through the Dutch forests. Martin’s main subjects are trees, forests and rural scenery. It is important for him that photos express a certain mood and evoke emotions and feelings. For this reason, photos of moody, misty forests are his favourites to shoot.


7. Martin Dellicour  

Martin is a Dutch photographer who loves creating images based around simplicity and authenticity. Through his photographs, he seeks to reveal the mysterious or poetic atmosphere that can be found in the wilderness. He carries many titles such as photographer, videographer and father of three boys, but above all, he is a lover of the Ardennes, its forests and rivers. Always in search of images that touch our part of “wilderness” and imaginary, passionate about the great preserved spaces, he also travels regularly in the heart of the Alps or the immensity of the great north.


8. Ben Kapur  

Ben is a British photographer based in South West England whose photography reflects his endless pursuit of beautiful landscapes. He also dabbles in portraits, events and weddings but he particularly likes capturing the world's beautiful landscapes.

"Amazing corners can be found everywhere you look and I love to show that through my images."

He is also a keen Youtuber and loves to share an insight into his photography, the places he explores and the kit he uses. 


9. Nigel Danson  

Nigel’s history with photography begins at a young age when he became fascinated and intrigued by black and white film. His passion lay dormant until a life-changing event in 2017 where he was in a serious car accident which he narrowly survived. After this brush with death, he swapped his office chair fo hiking boots and decided to pursue photography full time. 

“I find it so rewarding when you get that picture that captures the weather, or the ever-changing state of the environment. You really do capture a ‘moment in time’. Landscape photography is so enjoyable to me as the next time you go on a walk or take your camera on a specific expedition you just don’t know what you may capture.

Carpe Diem”


11. Tim Van Wessel  

Tim is a proud father, graphic designer and local woodland/landscape “photographer” from Hilversum, The Netherlands.  He claims to not be a photographer but his photos say otherwise! 

"My love for woodland photography, or photography in general, only started about two years ago while biking through my local woodland on an absolutely stunning morning. I always loved being out in the woods for as long as I can remember, but this morning was something else. Fog everywhere, rays of light blasting through the forest canopy. The trees looked amazing, textures and colors where popping and the light just turned the whole forest into one big fairytale. 

After this particular morning, and with my hometown being surrounded by forests and heathlands, picking up my camera and choosing my main subject was an easy choice to make. And I’ve been out hunting, enjoying and sharing these magical moments ever since."

12. Olivier Soete    

Olivier Soete is Belgian, 21 year old law student with a passion for landscape and wildlife photography.

After buying his first camera at the age of 17 he started to capture the beauty of the outdoors.

By capturing and sharing these images he hopes to inspire people to develop an appreciation for nature and to preserve what it has to offer.

You can check out more of his work here: oliviersoete.myportfolio.com


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