May 23, 2018 1 min read

Nationality: Sweden

Camera: Canon 7D

Glove: Skadi Zipper Mitt

Skadi Zipper Mitt

Rickard was brought up old-school by the Nightmare Brothers. Remember the nightmare brothers? You know, those two Swedish bro’s that filmed each other ripping it. NO? Well, actually neither do we. That was the name Rickard and his brother gave themselves at the age of 8 whilst cruising around with a video camera.

Years later Rickard is still fascinated with videography and now includes photography in his bag of tricks. Like most ski and snowboard photographers, Rickard has a huge passion for the mountains, adrenalin and the culture that lives within the snowy peaks.

He is making a name for himself with Rickard Croy Media, ticking up publications that range from Transition magazine and Rocky Mountain Underground Skis, to the likes of having Röjk as a major client.

Watch this space as Rickard continues his claim to fame. Hopefully, we can grace him with a “Croy” pro model glove in the near future.

Find more Croy Goodness at: Rickard Croy Media



Photo | Rickard Croy

Photo | Rickard Croy