May 23, 2018

Nationality: Canadian

Age: 37

Camera: Nikon D3s

Glove: Ipsoot

Ipsoot Photography Glove

Vallerret is proud to spread its reach overseas, including Canadian backcountry snowboard photographer Todd Easterbrook.

Growing up on a skateboard on the east side of Canada, Todd made the natural shift to a snowboard along with the move west and into the mountains. A camera, tied with a photography education and the powder bug, Todd built himself a full-time photography career oriented around snowboarding.

Now based out of Whislter, BC, a split board and snowmobile are just tools of the trade.
You may have spotted his work in the number of snowboard magazines ranging from Snowboard Canada to New Zealand Snowboard Magazine, Transworld Snowboarding, Method Mag and many others.

“I try to capture an outstanding landscape shot, that just happens to include a snowboarder” – Todd Easterbrook.


More about Todd, his portfolio and latest exploits via:


Facebook: Todd Easterbook Photography


Photo | Todd Easterbrook

Photo | Todd Easterbrook

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