Microfibre Lens Cloth - 3 Pack

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  • We know, you can never have too many lens cloths as you continuously wipe away those water spots and snowflakes landing on your lens.

    So we made a 3-pack. Size 18cm x 18cm.

    We have made it our mission to provide tools to overcome the challenges of winter photography. With these 220gsm quality microfibre cloths, you can be spot free in an instant and free to capture your prized winter images.

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Gloves for Every Winter Condition

Customer Reviews

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David Huffman
Good quality cloths and well priced

It’s a good idea to replace your cleaning cloths from time to time, and this is a high quality set of microfiber cloths at a good price

Wouter van der Weerd
Excellent service

Great quality products and excellent service. After going on my first trip I noticed that one of the gloves had a tiny crack in it. I contacted support and they immediately send me a new pair. Such friendly and professional service! I can really recommend Vallerret and their outstanding products!

Doug Talbott
Well worth the reasonable cost!

Photographers often forget the necessity of cleaning their lenses and cameras. These cloths make it so easy to keep their equipment clean, thus improving their shots.

Lukas Packauskas

sometimes hard to close zip , but everything is osom , warm filming is the main thing in art :)

Mike Page
Great Little Add On

I'm always loosing my lens cloths or they're somewhere else. These fit neatly into the little pocket of my Markhof Pro 2.0 gloves and are always to hand (see what I did there?). Great quality too.