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September 17, 2022 2 Comments

Vallerret brings you the best in quality, comfort, warmth and style so you can continue to capture your images all winter long.

(If you want to jump right to the juicy details of our new Merino Apparel, scroll down.)

To really let our gloves shine, keeping your hands warm and accessing your dials all winter long, it’s important to start with keeping your core warm. 

Here is why:

When it’s cold, our bodies are experts at keeping us alive. The body takes the blood away from the hands and feet and directs it to the core. We are unconsciously willing to sacrifice our digits in order to keep our organs functioning.

So, how do you keep your core warm? It’s not as easy as just putting on a big jacket, or adding an extra hoodie. 

It comes down to layering, and layering with the correct materials.


The Power of Layering 

Staying warm in Winter is all about layering.

What do we mean by layering? Simply put, you add a piece of clothing over another piece of clothing and keep going until you have the optimal warmth. 

Why just wearing a big heavy jacket doesn’t work? 

Getting too hot is almost worse than being too cold, you start to sweat and if you try to remove that jacket, you will instantly freeze because whatever you were wearing underneath is now wet. 

Layering works because you are able to add layers and remove layers as the temperature changes or your level of activity changes, staying dry, comfortable and warm all day.


As Carl explained in the video, layering works as 3 main levels; Your base layer, Middle layer/insulation layer and outer layer.

And the secret and first step to keeping your hands warm is keeping your base layer and your core warm.

The base layer sits on your skin and should be a material that transports moisture off your skin and to the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate, otherwise known as “wicking”. The best material for this is merino wool.

That's why we are such a huge fans of merino!

But that's not the only reason. ;)


The Magic of Merino wool

Vallerret Merino


The main key secret to Merino wool’s success lies in its exceptionally fine fibres, which make it the softest wool available.

Wool has been the natural leader in keeping warm since the viking times and it still beats most synthetic fabrics on performance. However traditional wool sweaters are itchy as hell and a heavy beast to carry around. So what makes Merino Wool Different?

It all comes down to differences in the fibres. Let’s break it down in bullets:

  • Cotton: We won’t go into the details of cotton, it has no place in the winter clothing category.
  • Synthetics: Plastic fibres make it lightweight and fast drying. But it’s clammy, often becomes stinky and is highly flammable.
  • Traditional wool: Thick fibres make it warm. But it’s heavy, itchy and takes forever to dry
  • Merino Wool: Thin fibres make it warm in cold weather, cooler in warm weather. It’s soft, light, breathable, and due to the anti-microbial properties, it doesn’t stink when you break a sweat.


    And before we rest our Merino case/drop the mic, here are some additional features of Merino wool:)

    It won’t stink - even if you do :)
 Merino contains natural anti-bacterial properties that stop the bacteria in your sweat creating an odour.

It’s super soft!
 Merino wool fibres are superfine, making it itch free and luxuriously soft next to skin.

      Merino wool manages moisture like a boss! It has the ability to move moisture away from your skin, and can absorb up to 30% of it’s own weight before feeling wet.

      With superfine fibres, the garments are incredibly breathable and fast-drying, so the moisture that it wicks away, dries in no-time, keeping you feeling comfortable all day long.

        It’s warm, even when wet! Due to the structure of the fibres which are also hollow, merino traps air and punches above it’s weight when it comes to insulating. A thin layer keeps you very warm, even if it get’s wet.

          Think of merino wool as a well-insulated house. Toasty in the winter, and a nice cool temperature in the summer. Again, this is due to the ability of merino to trap the air keeping you cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s not!

            FIRE RESISTANT
            As a photographer being on fire isn’t exactly something of concern, but it’s a nice bonus especially around the camp fire. Wool is naturally high in nitrogen and water, which requires higher levels of oxygen in the surrounding environment in order to burn.


            Summary: MERINO WOOL is king and is why it used as the leading fabric in winter active wear by companies around the globe.

            Vallerret Merino Apparel

            Now that you are stoked on merino wool, and the importance of layering, let’s introduce the Vallerret Merino Base Layer Apparel!

            Vallerret Long Sleeve Tee

            Vallerret Long Sleeve Tee shirt boasts a super fine merino wool blend, giving you all the benefits of merino (warm, soft, flexible, and oder-resistant) plus added durability, keeping you out there for longer.

            Vallerret Merino Long Sleeve Tee-shirt for photographers

            At 150gsm, this shirt is designed as base layer allowing you to layer up, and adjust to the temperature or activity level.

            Here is a list of all the benefits that come with Vallerret Long Sleeve Tee:

            • Super Soft:This Vallerret Long Sleeve Tee uses a super fine merino wool, so unlike traditional wool, this shirt feels great against the skin and won’t itch.
            • Battery Pocket:Keep your batteries close to your body heat so they don’t die in the winter cold.
            • Microfibre Cloth:Hidden on the inside of the shirt, you can keep your glass spot free.
            • Anti-bacterial/Odor Resistant:Stay fresh and smelling good. 
            • Thermo-Regulating:Keep warm when it’s cold, and cool down when it’s hot.
            • Moisture Wicking:This shirt will wick moisture away as you chase the light, hike that peak or start to bead as the adrenaline kicks in.
            • Fast Drying and Breathable:Stay comfortable all day long.
            • 4-Way Stretch:Fabric that stretches with you.

             Colour: Long Sleeve Tee comes in Midnight Black and Huskey Gray


            Vallerret Zipper Jersey

            Vallerret 100% Merino Wool Zipper Jersey - Apparel for Photographers

            Vallerret Zipper Jersey is made of super fine 100% merino wool.

            At 240gsm we have created a super warm, extra soft, flexible, and oder-resistant garment, keeping you out there shooting for longer.

            Here are all the benefits of Vallerret Zipper Jersey:

            • Vallerret 1/4 Recycled Zipper: Zip up to your neck or play it cool and leave the zip down.
            • Battery Pockets: Keep your batteries close to your body heat so they don’t die in the winter cold.
            • Microfibre Cloth: Hidden on the inside of the shirt, you can keep your glass spot free. 
            • Anti-bacterial/Odor Resistant: Stay fresh and smelling good.
            • Super Soft and Non-Itchy: This Vallerret Jersey uses a super fine 100% merino wool, so unlike traditional wool, this shirt feels great against your skin and won’t itch.
            • Thermo-Regulating: Keep warm when it’s cold, and cool down when it’s hot.
            • Moisture Wicking, Fast Drying and Breathable: Stay comfortable all day long.
            • 4-Way Stretch: Fabric that stretches with you.  

            Colour: Vallerret Zipper Jersey is available in Midnight Black



            2 Responses

            Nebo | Vallerret
            Nebo | Vallerret

            September 24, 2022

            Hey Darren, thanks for your comment. The idea of layering is that you can add and remove layers as you need them. So it’s highly individual.


            September 19, 2022

            Would be great if you provided some
            Combination recommendations based on different weather conditions from snow to rain etc.

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