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December 15, 2022 2 Comments

The next generation of our heavy-weight glove champ, The Alta Arctic Mitt is for your extreme Winter photography adventures (UNISEX sizing).

As a "glove for your glove", it's designed to be worn over any of the Vallerret photography glove models, adding that extra layer of warmth and protection, keeping your hands heated all winter long.

What's the difference between the Alta Over-mitt and Alta Arctic Mitt?

Good question! We've made a few upgrades to our highly regarded Alta Over-Mitt, so here is a full list of features with some comparisons to the Alta Over-Mitt.


Thumb caps added:

An easy to spot update are the thumb caps. Flip back the thumb to expose your inner glove and gain access to your dials.

Alta Arctic Thumb

Alta Arctic Mitt (Left photo), Alta Overmitt (Right photo)

Updated Zipper:

Open the mitt with a recycled weather proof, easy to slide Vallerret zipper.
(Alta Over-mitt has a YKK zipper)

Alta Zipper

Alta Arctic Mitt (Left photo), Alta Overmitt (Right photo)

High Performance outer shell materials:
Goat leather and DWR Laminated soft twill resists water and gives excellent wind protection, whilst the Nylon Taffeta liner allows the Alta Mitt to slide smoothly over your glove.
Alta outer shell

Alta Arctic Mitt (Left photo), Alta Overmitt (Right photo)

Magnets on both the Thumb and back of the hand, keep the caps held back and out of the way.
Alta magnets

Alta Arctic Mitt (Left photo), Alta Overmitt (Right photo)

Arctic insulation:
We have kept the same layered insulation. Like a sleeping bag for your hand, A puffy layer made from Polar tech fleece and 2x 5oz insulation are layered up to keep the cold out and the warm in.
Alta insulation

Alta Arctic Mitt (Left photo), Alta Overmitt (Right photo)

Wrist Strap:
Keep the glove snug and tight with the Nylon wrist strap


Alta wrist strap

Alta Arctic Mitt (Left photo), Alta Overmitt (Right photo)


Gauntlet Over-Cuff:
Designed to go over your jacket The Gauntlet over cuff means getting in and out is a breeze. Keeping your wrists warm and the arctic weather out.

Alta gauntlet over-cuff

Alta Arctic Mitt (Left photo), Alta Overmitt (Right photo)

Updated Lens Wipe:
Keeping the same feature as the Alta Overmitt, we've updated the lens wipe fabric from a faux Nubuck to a DWR microfibre Faux suede.
Allowing you to continue keeping your lens free from spots at the last minute.
Alta lens wipe

Alta Arctic Mitt (Left photo), Alta Overmitt (Right photo)

Carabiner clip:
For easy storage and pairing. Clip them to your bag, clip them together, or clip them where ever you need.

Alta carabiner

Alta Arctic Mitt (Left photo), Alta Overmitt (Right photo)

Glove Harness:
Let your gloves hang freely, when you need full hand access to your gear.  Without leaving the Mitts in the snow or at your last photo spot. 

Alta Arctic harness

If you have any additional questions, feel free to let us know in the comments.

2 Responses

Nebo | Vallerret
Nebo | Vallerret

December 20, 2022

Hi Marion, thank you for your comment. Yes, our glove sizing chart is applicable across different models, including the new Alta Arctic Mitt.

New Alta Mitts are pretty bulky so they would work smoothly with Markhof Pro V3.

We have some winter sports fans who want a tighter fit, so they go down a size with Altas, but in all other cases, the same size as your base glove is fine. :-)

Marion Reiner
Marion Reiner

December 20, 2022

Sound fabulous, and will order two pairs with harness. First, I need to get your help with a question:
My daughter and I both bought the very flexible Markhof Pro V3 gloves in Size Medium. Do you recommend buying the Alta Arctic Mitts in Unisex Size Medium also to fit easily, without being tight and your fingers getting cold, over these gloves?

Thanks for getting back to me on this so we can sign up for the early bird deals!

Marion Reiner

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