November 11, 2022

Here at Vallerret we are all about keeping you warm and comfortable, so that you can capture great photos and experience amazing Winter photography adventures.

Keeping warm and comfortable in Winter starts with keeping you body core warm. With a warm body core (wearing e.g. our popular merino base layers Long Sleeve Tee or Zip Jersey), slap on a beanie and a pair of winter photography gloves and you are almost good to go. Almost...

There is one, often overlooked, prime location for heat loss - your neck!


Fun fact: The neck holds thick blood vessels close to the skin which carry 20% of the body's warm blood to the head, so if you don't have a neck gaiter, you're putting yourself at risk to get colder sooner. Just like other base layers close to the skin, we recommend a merino wool neck warmer.

Why Merino wool?

Merino is the softest wool available. Full stop. Nothing beats merino wool's extraordinary fine fibers.

Traditional wool clothing has always been popular because of its natural warming properties. But that good ol' sweater grandma knitted you. It is warm, but also itchy as h**** and pretty heavy to carry around.


So why is Merino wool different?

It all comes down to differences in fibers. It goes like this:

  • Traditional wool: Warm because of the thick fibers. It’s heavy, rather itchy and takes a long time to dry. Naturally moisture-wicking and regulates to body temperature.
  • Synthetics: Lightweight and fast drying because of the plastic fibers. It’s rather clammy, fairly stinky after use and highly flammable.
  • Merino Wool: Super thin fibers make it soft and light, breathable and doesn't stink when you break a sweat. Naturally moisture-wicking and regulates to body temperature.

Wool regulates to body temperature.

Merino wool, like all wool, regulates to body temperature when you wear it close to your skin and has a natural ability to transports moisture (sweat, let’s be honest) away from your skin, unlike many synthetics. That’s called “moisture-wicking” and is why many athletic/sports brands are fanatics about merino wool.

If you’ve ever worn a piece of merino wool clothing, you probably know that even a thin layer of wool keeps you not only toasty warm but also dry and comfortable. It's a super advanced technology, coming from nature and Sheep – huge respect!


Is Merino Wool itchy? Like really?

Nope. You can rest assured that, unlike many other types of wool, Merino wool is super soft on your skin due to the fine fibers. It might not be as soft as the softest of synthetic fleece, but it’s pretty close.

Vallerret Merino Neck Warmers

Merino neck warmer Erica


Our Merino Wool Neck Warmer is lightweight and thin, so that you can minimise the heat loss around your neck without bulky scarfs or thick fleece. With all the natural properties of Merino Wool, even a thin layer provides all the warmth you need.


Merino Neck Warmers Leonardo

Here at Vallerret, we are obsessed with Merino Wool and wear this Neck Warmer daily all through winter. You can check it out here: Merino Wool Neck Warmers.


We'd like to conclude by quoting one of the Merino Neck Warmer reviews:

"Whether you are using it as a neck warmer, face mask or a headband/sweatband while touring, this thing is cozy and versatile. You definitely need one of these!!"

Have a warm and comfortable Winter shooting!

 Merino neck warmer Leonardo

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