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This September we launched the next generation in our fan favorite everyday Photography glove (UNISEX sizing), Markhof Pro V3. From the streets to the peaks, The Markhof Pro V3 continues to be your versatile “take everywhere” functional and stylish glove. Suited for everyday use in Mid-Winter.

Now, we know Markhof Pro fans will ask "Hey, what's the difference between 2.0 and this new V3? What are the improvements?".

So, we decided to give you a full list of updates and upgrades we have made to our Markhof Pro 2.0, in order to make The Markhof Pro V3 an even better "take anywhere" solution for your photography adventures.


Updated sizing:

The width of the gloves has been increased and the sizing is universally spread across all models meaning if you are an M in one glove you will be an M in all gloves. Introduction of 2 new sizes (XS-Slim) and (S-SLIM) to accommodate the thinner hands.

Updated look:

Whilst keeping the “Markhof Look” we have updated the style of the Markhof V3 and notably a color change in the cuff. A new image on the palm print from Simon Markhof.

A clip buckle:
Removed the D-Clip in place of a buckle. You can keep the gloves paired up and separate them without using force.
Insulation update:
Thinsulate C70 on the front of the hand and C100 on the back. (Markhof Pro 2.0 had C40 all the way around). The update in insulation has improved warmth with an unnoticeable change in dexterity.

True Suede Lens wipe:
DWR goat leather suede wipe instead of a faux Nubuck.



Zipper update:
Waterproofed zipper with a matt finish and an easy-slide slider.

Updated Tripod Key:
Reduced size and made solid / more robust.

Finishing of the Flip-tech fingers:
Openings are piped with Lycra, ensuring a smooth finish.

Markhof V3 fliptech

Flip-tech update: Improved design to keep the gaps closed

Markhof fliptech

Updated Magnets:
Stronger magnets keeping the caps held back once and for all.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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Nebo | Vallerret Photography Gloves
Nebo | Vallerret Photography Gloves

October 07, 2021

Thank you Mika! Glad you like them!


October 04, 2021

These updates makes the perfect glove even better! Especially making tripod key stronger can be a life saving thing! Good work!!

Nebo | Vallerret Photography Gloves
Nebo | Vallerret Photography Gloves

September 28, 2021

Hi Amit,

Thank you for your comment.

Please send us a message to support [@]

Amit Maitra
Amit Maitra

September 28, 2021

I have already ordered a Tinden – is it possible to order a second one and get the 2 + free beanie deal?

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