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Vallerret Stash Beanie

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Keep Your Head Warm & Your Lens Safe
Stash Beanie by Vallerret is ready to keep your dome warm, comfortable, and stylish as you capture the magic of winter. Comes with a clever Lens Cap Stash.

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Lens Cap Stash Fold
Say goodbye to the age-old problem of misplaced lens caps. The Stash Beanie's design features a secured fold that holds your lens cap firmly in place. Let your creativity flow freely, knowing exactly where you have put that always-disappearing lens cap.

Designed for: All Winter Conditions

Tech Specs

Color: Black or Caramel
Style: Folded Beanie
Patch: Brown Engraved Leather
Size: One size fits all
Construction: Double Layered
Material: 100% Acrylic

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Stefano Fantini

Vallerret Stash Beanie

Roger Heesterman
A beanie which fits at last!

Excellent Product - the first beanie hat I have ever bought which fits me properly and covers my ears without also covering my eyes and which stays in place! Well done

Stylish and warm

The small details make the beanie jump out in a positive way, like the ‚ÄĚsecret‚ÄĚ cap stash :)

George Baston
Well made and keeps me warm.

Nice styling subtlety different to a ‚Äėstandard‚Äô beanie, the little leather stripe adds to the ‚Äútouch of class‚ÄĚ feeling . Nice material and the quality of construction is very good. The thermal qualities keeps my head warm.
The ‚Äúkeep the lens cap in‚ÄĚ brim works very well!

Thanks for the review! We're glad you're enjoying the Stash Beanie!

Mark Brion
Vallerret Stash Beanie

As a natural world photographer, I visit many cold weather climates as part of my work. I have a Vallerret Stash Beanie which is fantastic and keeps my head warm in the coldest of climates. I would certainly recommend the purchase of this great product from Vallerret. Five stars!

Hi Mark,
Fantastic to hear you're loving the Stash Beanie!
Stay warm and happy winter shooting :)