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February 12, 2019

We know, we know. Instagram isn’t everything. Hundreds of thousands of notable and talented photographers don’t use the popular social media app but if you’re anything like us, you know Instagram can be an undeniable source of visual inspiration. From the up-and-comers to the long-held pros, Instagram provides a platform for anyone wanting to share their photography and with over 1 billion users worldwide, we know it can be hard (and often seemingly impossible!) to sift through junk to find the content you actually want to see.

Luckily, if you’re as winter-obsessed as we are, we've got you covered. Our Instagram feed is filled with snowy peaks, frozen lakes and rad photographers embracing the elements to get their shot. Head over to the ‘gram and hit the follow button if you too want to be inundated with winter beauty.

Warning: Looking at these feeds may cause an immediate desire to get out of the office and into the snow.

1. Kahli April Photography

Winter photography in Canada

We have been a fan of Kahli’s work for a long time and for good reason. Her feed is a mix of landscape, night and adventure photography featuring deep violets, brilliant night skies, and impossibly prominent peaks. As an Australian native, Kahli ditched the Australian heat and now splits her time enjoying the Canadian and New Zealand winters. She also offers private workshops for small groups for those interested in learning the secrets behind her stunning work.

2. Nate Luebbe


Nate Luebbe Photography
Nate Luebbe is a professional photographer based out of Seattle, Washington. From Peru to Norway, he travels often so you can be sure his diverse Instagram feed will make you want to book the next flight to your dream winter travel destination. While his images can certainly hold his own, what really makes Nate’s Instagram feed stand out from the other thousands of outdoor accounts is his lighthearted sense of humor. In an age where every outdoor photo on Instagram is captioned with a tired and beat down John Muir quote, Nate keeps his content fresh and hilarious. You’re guaranteed a laugh whenever you scroll by his images.

3. Hegyi Benjamin


Winter Photography Instagram
Some might say that Instagram is a young person’s game and if that’s the case, it’s certainly true for Hegyi Benjamin. At the ripe age of 16, Hegyi is already lightyears beyond his age in talent. His feed is a mix of ethereal photos of the Alps mixed with cozy shots of European mountain towns. We can’t wait to see his style continue to grow and expand over the next few years.

4. Norris von Niman


Winter Photography Instagram
If you haven’t heard yet, Iceland is popular. Like really popular. As one of the hottest destinations for landscape photographers, it can be hard to find unique photos of an often overshot landscape which is why we love following Reykjavík local Norris von Niman. His feed is filled with moody textures and deep shades of blue giving Iceland a surreal sense of absurdity that it definitely deserves. If you’re a sucker for textures and perfect colour palettes, you’ll love his photos.

5. Cath Simard


winter photography instagram
For Cath Simard, photography is more than snapping a photo, it’s an art. From creating the perfect composition to spending 1-2 hours editing each photo, she holds her work to high standards and it certainly shows on her cohesive moody Instagram feed. Once she ditched the fashion industry, she focused on chasing her professional photography dream full time. Now, she spends her time doing photography workshops in her favorite corners of the world where she teaches others how to chase the blue hour.

6. Rach Stewart


Winter Photography instagram

While it’s true that taking a bad photo in New Zealand is almost impossible, some photographers make it look just a little bit easier than others. Based in the beach town of Mount Maunganui on the North Island of New Zealand, Rach isn’t strictly a winter photographer. In fact, some of her best work features rugged coastlines and summer beaches but the winter photos she does produce are out of this world incredible. Using long exposures, Rach takes advantage of every season and somehow manages to capture each season’s beauty. For those curious about photographing a New Zealand winter, Rach offers photography workshops with two other prominent New Zealand photographers.

7. Renee Hahnel


Winter Photography Instagram
In a world where social media becomes ever depersonalized and phony, it’s nice to come across accounts like Renee Hahnel’s. Part blogger part photographer, Renee describes herself as a storyteller and if you quickly scan her blog, you’ll see why. Her posts and Instagram captions feel authentic and talk about living intentionally and valuing experiences instead of possessions. Her winter photos will take you from her backyard mountains in Washington to dog sledding in Finland. Grab your passport because you’ll be wanting to follower her adventures wherever she goes.

8.Alan Poelman

Instagram Winter Photography
Landscape photography often seems to take over when it comes to winter imagery but we have serious respect for the wildlife photographers who stake out their spot and patiently wait for mother nature to compose the shot. Among them is Alan Polman from Atikokan, Ontario, Canada who shares his images of local wildlife including elk, rare birds, arctic foxes, and even wolves. If you want a break from moody mountain pictures, this is the guy to follow.

9. Audun Lie Dahl

@ audundahl
Wildlife Photography Instagram
Audun is a wildlife photographer from Norway and for those interested in Arctic animals, you’ll definitely want to give him a follow. From feeding polar bears to gentoo penguins you’ll get an unclose look at these rare animals. Despite the typical white scenes we associate with winter, Audun somehow manages to bring out a splash of vibrant color in his wintry shots.

10.Christin Healy

Wildlife Photography instagram
Named in 2017 as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Adventure Photographers in the world, Christin Healey is a self-taught landscape and wilderness photographer who grew up in the Florida Keys and now calls Boulder, CO home. She finds her comfort in the heart of the mountains and her photos are anything but easy to capture. Not one to drive to a popular spot and set up a tripod, Christin hikes for days to get get the shots she wants and all of that effort shows in her photography.


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