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November 27, 2023

It’s a question we get all the time: What is the best glove for my winter holiday? Whether you’re headed to the Arctic or Japan, we know how crucial it is to have the right gear dialed in before you hop on that plane. There’s nothing worse than investing in gear that doesn’t work for you. Finding a glove that works best for everyone can be tricky but we’ve learned some tips over the years to help you get the right glove for your winter holiday.

Best gloves for Lofoten, Norway

Lofoten Norway long exposure photos
Photos by Christian Hoiberg

Hatchet or Tinden between Nov - February / Markhof all other times
It’s no doubt that Lofoten tops the charts when it comes to dream winter photography locations. With its idyllic seaside fisherman cabins and frequent Northern Light shows, Lofoten has made a name for itself as a winter photography must-do. But being in the far north during winter has its challenges. During winter Temperatures range from -2 to -15 with the short daylight and ocean side weather conditions making it feel even colder.

If you’re traveling to Lofoten during November - February, we recommend taking the Hatchets or Tindens. These are our warmest five-fingered glove. They are wind and water resistant and insulated with a merino wool inner and Thinsulate insulation. The FlipTech on the finger and thumb allow full access to your dials and settings without having to remove the gloves.

Outside of November - February, you can get by just fine with our fan favorite, the Markhof Pro V3 gloves. These are the gloves we take everywhere. They are great for walking around town but also warm enough for the mountain. These gloves also have a merino wool inner with Thinsulate Insulation as a mid-layer.

You can check Lofoten's average temperatures here

Best Photography Gloves for Lofoten by Vallerret

Best gloves for Japan

snowy roof in Japan

Photo by Charlotte Workman 

Skadi LRS Mitt - Perfect pow glove with all that snow + Layering option with the 2 in one.
For many, Japan is considered powder heaven. Many ski resorts in Japan get nearly 15 meters of snow each season so if you’re headed to Japan to chase the waist-deep powder, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the perfect glove to accompany you.

Skadi LRS Mitt by Vallerret Photography Gloves

We recommend the Skadi LRS Mitt for a Japan holiday. The Skadi is a 2-in-1 mitt that makes customizing your warmth a breeze. The mitt comes with a Power Stretch Pro Liner glove for extra insulation. When you need to use your fingers, unzip the side of the mitt to reveal one finger or four. For milder days, you can wear the mitt all on its own without the liner. Flip tech on the thumb allows you to have complete dexterity.

Best gloves for Iceland

Best Gloves for Iceland
Photo by Denis Palanque

Hatchet or Tinden: 
Those headed for an Icelandic winter should be prepared to bundle up. While the lowlands of the island tend to be relatively mild for its latitude (0° C), the Highlands tend to average around -10°C with the lower temperatures in the northern part of the island ranging from -25° to -30°C. Those seeking the Northern Lights are in for a cold night where covering up is essential. For Iceland winters, we recommend our Hatchet or Tinden glove, our warmest five-fingered gloves. Made out of goat leather and 2 ply twill, the outer is water and wind resistant. The gloves are insulated with a merino wool inner and Thinsulate insulation.

Best Photography Gloves for Iceland by Vallerret

Best gloves for BC Canada

blue ice on a canadian glacierPhoto by Todd Easterbrook 

Get ready for deep winter Skadi LRS Mitt / Hatchet / Tinden

Similar to Japan, Canada is known for its epic powdery winters. For those visiting British Columbia, we recommend the Skadi LRS Mitt. This glove performs great in powder and will keep you warm in the deep winter. This glove provides the ultimate customizability performing as a glove, a mitt or both! A side zipper reveals all four fingers and the FlipTech on the thumb gives you complete control. Wear it on its own on warmer days or pair it with the included Power Stretch Pro liner glove for colder days.

If a five finger glove is your preferred option, this is where the Hatchet and Tinden come in. These are our warmest five-fingered gloves and they are built for cold, snowy conditions. The FlipTech on the fingers overlaps to ensure no snow gets in the glove if you take a spill. They are insulated with Thinsulate Insulation and the goat leather and 2 ply twill on the outside make this glove water and wind resistant.

Canada Photography Gloves by Vallerret

Best gloves for Antarctica

Iceberg in AntarcticaPhoto by Muench Workshops

Markhof Pro V3 & Power Stretch Pro Liners (due to only visiting in summer it should only be around 0 to -2 degrees.
Despite being one of the coldest places on Earth, Antarctica requires only a modest glove since visitors usually only visit in the summer months. During the summer, the days are long and the sun is plentiful and temperatures typically hover around 0°-2°C. For this reason, we recommend the Markhof Pro V3. This is our most popular glove and performs both in the city and the mountain. For extra cold days, you can pair it with the Power Stretch Pro Liner to get a few more degrees of warmth.

Alaska Gloves by Vallerret Photography Gloves

Best gloves for New Zealand 

New Zealand mountain at golden hour
Photo by Nico Babot

Markhof Pro V3

Despite being a Southern Hemisphere winter destination for many, New Zealand’s winters are quite mild. Being a maritime climate, the temperatures rarely drop below 0 meaning your hands don’t need to be layered up too heavily. We recommend the Markhof Pro V3 for your New Zealand winter. It’s just enough to protect you from the elements without being too big or bulky.

Markhof Pro V3 by Vallerret Photography Gloves

Best gloves for Alaska and Yukon

Snow capped mountain in alaska

Alta Arctic Mitt + Hatchet / Tinden or Markhof

For serious winter chasers, Alaska and the Yukon might be the ultimate winter photography destination. Isolated and remote, these areas provide some of the harshest winter conditions as well as some of the biggest rewards when it comes to winter photography. For these die-hard winter lovers, we recommend our ultimate glove layering system.

We designed the Alta Arctic Mitt as the “glove for your glove.” It’s exactly as it sounds, a large mitt that goes over your normal photography glove. It adds the ultimate protection against the elements. When you need to operate your camera or use your hands, simply take off the gloves and drop them behind your back on the included harness or keep them on and unzip the Mit to reveal your base glove.

For your bottom glove, we recommend the Hatchet/Tinden or the Markhof, based on how cold you run and your personal temperature preference. For extra warmth, go with the Hatchets/Tindens. If you prefer a slimmer fitting glove, we recommend the Markhof Pro V3. Both will be a great fit under the Alta.

Alaska & Yukon Photography Gloves by Vallerret 

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