June 09, 2015

Recap on a 3 week mission to USA

By Martin Björkqvist

The reason I decided to go to Mammoth was that I was talking to my friend Joakim, and we were both tired of the bad weather and all the stuff we had to do in school, and drifted away to how fun it would be to go skiing somewhere. So we kept talking and as it happened, Joakims girlfriend Johanna was in Mammoth, where we spent our season two years ago. So we kinda decided that we could skip school for a bit and go visit her and all the other people at Woodlands #33 and Mammoth!
So we booked our tickets and headed out for some adventure!

So our first stop was San Francisco where we just made a short stop for a couple of hours sleep and some quick shopping before picking up our car and heading to Mammoth. Fun side story, booked a Corolla with GPS, but the only car they had with GPS was a 2014 Dodge  Charger, so we got it for no extra charge. Karma for the win!

As some of you might know, there’s not that much snow in California this year.
Actually, there’s pretty much none if you compare to when I last was there! So we tried to make the best of the situation and spent the first days shredding around in the park and the features they had there. Got a couple of decent shots!

And if you’ve been skiing in California you definitely know that there’s plenty of sun! So we were a little bit disappointed when some clouds rolled in for a couple of days and a lot of wind. But the mood got a lot better when these clouds started to throw out this amazing white gold. Not really what we expected when heading for Cali in April! So we had an awesome powderday with pretty much no other people on the mountain.
The day after all the clouds where gone, which meant that every living soul living near Mammoth lakes wanted to get a taste of yesterdays good stuff. So we talked a lot of the biggest problem was the there was no solid base, but the biggest problem was that 2 minutes after a chair or gondola opened, the faces that was reachable from there was all tracked. So we were pretty happy we had the mountain for ourselves the day before!
So after the arrival of some fresh snow the park crew put up some new features and made some improvements to the park, but we decided to go and find some other stuff and try to take some pictures. So we spent a day or two just cruising around the mountain, having a good time and found a couple of spots where we took a couple of pictures.
So, that was pretty much my trip to the states for this year. Now I’m back home in sweden, been working my ass of in school trying to catch up. But now that is over, and I’m doing some proper work to earn those bucks for new adventures, and there’s some pretty good plans underway! More to come! ”

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