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Alta Arctic Mitt Photography Glove

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Overmitt Design for Ultimate Protection
Capture exceptional images in extreme cold with the Alta Arctic Mitt Photography Glove. Like a sleeping bag for your hand, the Alta Arctic Mitt is the final layer for your extreme adventures. Designed as an "Overmitt" to be worn over any of the Vallerret Photography Glove models.

PLEASE NOTE: Inner Gloves are NOT included.

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Overmitt Design for Ultimate Insulation
The Alta Arctic Mitt is designed to be worn over a base glove (we recommend Tinden or Markhof Pro V3) for maximum warmth and protection against freezing temperatures, icy winds, and snow. The Alta Arctic Mitt glove is large in volume, most likely the biggest gloves you've ever owned. But it's all for a reason. It acts like a warm sleeping bag for your hands when you need it the most.

Inspired by the Vallerret founders’ days of dog mushing in the Arctic, you too can stay toasty warm in the harshest of winter environments, and continue capturing your images. 

Convenient Glove Harness
The super convenient Glove harness allows you to secure your Alta Arctic Mitts behind your back or let them hang loose when you don't need them. With the Glove Harness, you can keep your gloves secure but still within immediate reach, ready to face challenging Arctic conditions.

Carabiner Clip to Keep Things Tidy
Embrace convenience during your Arctic photography expeditions with the Alta Arctic Mitt Photography Glove's carabiner clip. Attach the gloves to each other, to your camera bag, backpack, or belt loop, ensuring easy accessibility whenever you require quick protection or warmth. 

FlipTech Thumb & FlipTech Mitt Cap
Maintain control over your camera with the FlipTech Thumb & FlipTech Mitt Cap. Flip back your thumb cap or zip open the Mitt Cap to expose your finger glove if needed, providing full access to your camera controls and dials.

Designed for: Arctic Winter Conditions

Tech Specs
  • FlipTech Mitt Cap: Open the mitt with a weatherproof Vallerret zipper, exposing your inner glove, and gaining access to your dials.
  • FlipTech Thumb: Foldable thumb to access your rear dials.
  • Magnets: Keeping the FlipTech held back and out of the way.
  • Gauntlet Over Cuff: Keep your wrists warm and the arctic weather out. 
  • Wrist Strap.
  • Weather-proofed fabrics: DWR Goat leather and DWR twill with a laminated membrane.
  • Nylon Taffeta liner: Mitt slides over inner gloves with ease.
  • Insulation: Polartec Fleece and 2x 5oz insulation
  • Extras: Glove harness, 1 x carabiner

  • PLEASE NOTE: Inner Gloves are NOT included.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Donald J. Hurzeler
    Outstanding gloves

    These will keep me warm and working in mild weather and when it gets downright freezing. Love them.

    Thank you for your feedback. Enjoy your Alta Arctic Mitt and happy shooting :)

    Daniel Tremblay
    The perfect modular gloves/mitts system for a Canadian Photographer!

    So over my many years as a professional landscape photographer, I have tried dozens of different brands of gloves…as many models as you can possibly buy in a lifetime! What ever most companies call winter gloves with tactile function simply doesn’t work as intended…

    I live in Canada…we know what winter is here! And it took people from the great north to understand other people from the great north as far as keeping our hands hot goes!

    My hope to find proper photography gloves were almost dead until I tried Vallerret Markhof not too long ago! I later got a pair of Alta Arctic Mitts and Pro Liners and wow! Finally a modular gloves/mitts option that works for us landscape photographers! If the temperature is nice and warm, I can only wear my Liners…things are getting colder outside, I’ll use the Markhof and if things are getting stupid cold, I will use the Alta Arctic Mitts on top of the Markhof for maximum insulation. What’s amazing is that you retain all camera functionalities thanks to their finger cap system which allow you to poke a few fingers out while keeping the rest of your hands warm! Now we are talking!

    Vallerret means quality! And it shows in their choice of fabrics and hardwares they use for their products. The whole kit will probably cost you more than you ever expected spending on a gloves/mitts setup…but believe me, they are well worth every dollars spent!

    christopher crowhurst
    Perfect partner

    I spent a wonderful cold weekend in north Minnesota capturing the ice along the shore of Lake Superior. I wore these mittens over the top of Vallerret Tiden gloves, and silk liners. My fingers stayed lovely and warm and I was able to use the camera easily, including the touch screen. I cant recommend this combination enough.

    Thank you for your feedback of the Alta Arctic Mitt. Stay warm and happy winter shooting :)

    Mark Muscat de Celis
    Great & Stylish gloves for shooting in the cold

    The Alta Arctic Mitt is super. Allows you to manoeuvre with the camera, maintaining a solid grip whilst keeping out the cold. Used them in the Mongolian Taiga at temperatures of - 48. Big thanks to Denisa who ensured a quick turnaround on the gloves shipment, when I ordered them just 6 days before I travelled. A super thanks! Well done Vallerret for such a comfy and useful product.

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the feedback! I'm happy I was able to help! Stay warm and happy winter shooting :)

    Ellen van den Doel
    Warm hands!

    I wear the Alta Arctic Mitt over my Markhof Gloves. Perfect combination in colder weather circumstances. I leave the zipper open most of the time, when photographing. Works good!

    Thanks for the feedback! Stay warm and happy winter shooting :)