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September 25, 2022

Cover photo by Andrea Celli

Some sort of magic happens whenever we switch our focus from our closest environment to vast and unending spaces of the world. And if those open spaces are out in nature, the magic is even stronger.

Whether we observe mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, ponds or the sea, we get that refreshing change of perspective and joy of witnessing beautiful landscapes.

At the same time, we like to recall a personal observation or experience, so the need to capture these moments is common. Everyone took at least one landscape photo in their life, even if it's with their phone camera.

Landscape photographers are known to enjoy that change of perspective, while also having fun with light and exposure. There are so many things you can play with, like contrast, shadows, highlights, sunrises, sunsets, golden hours...

It's always good time for going into landscape photography.

If you're looking for inspiration, make sure you check out these Landscape photographers.

1. Juan López

Juan is an award-winning photographer from Spain. His awards include Epson Pano Award 2020 and Sony World Photography Award 2021.

“My passion for photography has been with me since I was a child and I have always found it very interesting to be able to portray and immortalize the unique moments that nature offersus. In 2017 I was finally able to buy my first digital SLR camera and since then I have not stopped learning and perfecting myself in this beautiful art, being able to combine my passion for photography and nature, until now I have not stopped documenting myself in a self-taught way learning to understand the light and perfecting my technique in the use of the camera as well as in the later digital edition of my images, which for me is something fundamental..”

2. Julien Bihan

Julien's bio says "I shoot lighthouses, and sometimes other things" but this photographer from France has a never-ending stream of composition ideas for his landscape shots, even when it actually is a lighthouse. Really inspiring.

"After living in Canada and the United States, I inevitably ended up packing my bags again near Brest, where I am surrounded by the elements that I love.If I have always been under the spell of beautiful photos, I did not take up photography until very late. Self-taught, I never miss an opportunity to go out and try to capture what surrounds me, no matter the conditions." 

Marcel is a photographer from Germany, who is all about the Nordic landscape. He's been focused lately on Iceland, but also Faroe Islands and Scandinavia in general.

“I like the north, the original, the wild and the mystical. My photography is characterized by my fascination for transience and time. That's where my passion for the sea comes from. For rough and rugged mountains and for looking at the stars. This is where my enthusiasm for abandoned places comes from.

I look for motives that are marked by melancholy and nostalgia, motives that are often an idealistic and romantic image of the past. I usually try to tell a story and reflect feelings. I try to take photos that move between reality and dreams; nature and its phenomena serve as a representation of feelings.

I like the touch of sadness in the beauty of it all."

4. Susan Holt

Susan Holt is a landscape photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona USA. Her work features the stunning diversity of the United States from wildlife to Aspen forests, to the high deserts. Much of her focus is on fine art prints and she also offers photo workshops and teaching photography classes via skype. Her photos have been featured in the Sierra Magazine, LA Times, Outdoor Photographer Magazine (online), and much more.

"I am an architect. That may be an unlikely introduction to my work as a photographer, but it's an important part of my story.

In 2015, I made the shift from practicing architect to beginning a new career in a field that I have loved from a young age - photography.I believe my eye for composition and my background in architecture give me a unique frame of reference as a photographer. My approach is simple. I try to make the best image I can make directly from the camera. I will do a bit of post production editing, but I strive to keep the photographs as honest as possible.Architecture is a balance of beauty and purpose. I want my photographs to be the same."

5. Perri Schelat

Perri is a landscape photographer from the United States, known for her utilization of a wide-angle perspective, with foregrounds just inches away from her lens, leading to a formidable background with sharp depth of field throughout.

"My passion for photography began with a love of the outdoors. Being surrounded by nature always feels intensely calming and meaningful.

Early on, I enjoyed photography and seemed to be able to make well-composed images. The next transition seemed fitting that I’d try to record these feelings about nature in a photograph. My photographs became as much about my personal journey as they were about capturing the beauty that surrounded me.Along the way, I developed a deep passion for photography. Unlike many people who don’t like to say their work defines them…. my photography defines me in so many ways. Every struggle, every passion, every tear, every effort I make is tied up in each image."

6. Elliot McGucken

Coming from the United States, Elliot is one of the most-viewed and most-awarded Fine Art, Landscape and Nature photographers working today.

His love for epic mythology pervades his photography, and though he left academia to pursue fine art photography, his greater odyssey retains its course--to serve with truth, beauty, and light.

Elliot's work celebrates the epic, Homeric scenery of the American West, and he oft favors panoramic aspect ratios which best capture its expansive grandeur. His fine art photography has received well over two billion views while garnering over 100 awards, including over 75 Epson International Pano Awards, and a Nature's Best National Parks Finalist award.

Elliot's work has been featured in regal publications, including The Smithsonian Magazine, The National Park Magazine, Nikon-Photo Magazine (N-Photo cover) and many more.

He is also the author of over a dozen books, conservationist, and award-winning Ph.D. physicist whose research on an artificial retina prosthesis is now helping restore sight to the blind.

7. Sigurd Løseth

Sigurd is an adventurer and a landscape photographer from Norway. He shares his unique takes on the well-known Norwegian locations but he will definitely help you discover some new beautiful spots.

"I’ve always been drawn to photography in some way, but I guess everything started with drawings when I was young. I loved drawing, I liked shapes and compositions, and I was totally sure I wanted to become an architect when I grew up. Well, I didn’t become an architect, but I think this part of me has been the foundation of how I look at things and how I perceive and process my surroundings. I’m constantly looking for motives wherever I go and I actually think this is a pretty good way to look at the world; first finding and appreciating the details and then bring in the abstractionism as a tool for creativity and open mindedness."

8. Marc Fessler

Marc is a young adventurer and a landscape photographer from Austria. He is very much into hiking and Alps.

With Marc's feel for composition, if you are into breath-taking, idilic and fairy-tale like sceneries of Alps, and beyond, make sure to check his IG profile.

9. Cath Simard

Cath Simard is a Canadian-born photographer, digital artist and a central figure in the NFT community. One of the most prominent artists in NFT photography, she’s now almost entirely focused on NFTs.

A proud Sony Alpha Universe Ambassador, some of her other sponsors and publications that have featured her work include The North Face, DP Review, Art of Visuals, Open Skies Magazine and Outdoor Photography Magazine.

Her innovative style and willingness to take bold risks are a result of her desire to be unique and the freedom she enjoys in the backcountry.

A self-professed introvert, Cath feels she produces her best work when she’s alone in the mountains.

To create a single image, she’s walked as much as 250 kilometers, trekked 18 days in the mountains and shot at an elevation as high as 5,900 meters. (About 186 miles and 19,356 feet.). Due to her lengthy creative process, Cath only creates and releases 6-10 images a year.

“I don't capture what my eyes see, I capture what my mind imagines

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