August 27, 2018

By: Team Shooter Todd Easterbrook

It’s a recurring statement as of late, in articles, interviews and podcasts alike. Photographers and many creatives for that matter are instilling the importance of personal projects, getting out of your comfort zone and changing your surroundings. I’m a strong believer in this philosophy and practice it as often as I can. My most recent endeavor was a short trip to the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island, BC and the small yet thriving surf community of Tofino. 


My goal for the trip was to visit and explore a destination that has long be on my to-do list.

Although the day's schedules were jam-packed I did manage to sneak away from time to time and capture some images that I’m stoked on and can now add to my summer portfolio.


This brings me back to some reasons why I believe shooting personal projects or at the very least a few personal images, is key to the growth, development and creative process of photography. 

 3 Reasons why you should make time for personal projects:

  1. You expand your portfolio, get into a new topic or genre of photography that interests you and let’s be honest that’s when we do our best work. 
  2. It helps stimulate creativity. You will be looking at a subject with a set of fresh eyes because it’s new to you. Every aspect of it will excite you and get your creative juices flowing. 
  3. Focus and Drive are key to evolving as a creative. Personal projects are a great way to practice and maintain those traits. 


Did I capture all the images on my shot list during the trip? No.  

Did I make new connections, expand my portfolio and start a new passion for surfing and the surfing lifestyle? Yes! 


Nothing bad can come from pursuing your personal projects. Afterward, you’ll be refreshed, more creative and eager to go onto the next, whether it is personal or not. It’s like a vacation for your creative muscles and can only help your photographic career.

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