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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… well, it can! One of our ethos here at Vallerret is to continue improve and advance in our glove technology and we are so excited to announce some changes and upgrades to our fan-favourite glove, the Markhof Pro V3.

The Markhof Pro glove has been a staple in our glove line up since our second glove production and it quickly climbed the ranks as a customer favourite. The Markhof Pro has always been a fantastic combination of a warm glove that can hold its own the mountains as well as be worn casually around town.

This season, we have given the Markhof Pro V3 a fresh new look and have added a few cool features and updates as well.


What’s new?

At its core, the Markhof Pro v3 will retain the same beloved features as its predecessors with a few awesome upgrades.


Updated sizing:

The width of the gloves has been increased and the sizing is universally spread across all models meaning if you are an M in one glove you will be an M in all gloves. Introduction of 2 new sizes (XS-Slim) and (S-SLIM) to accommodate the thinner hands.

Updated look:

Whilst keeping the “Markhof Look” we have updated the style of the Markhof V3 and notably a color change in the cuff. A new image on the palm print from Simon Markhof Photography.

A clip buckle:
Removed the D-Clip in place of a buckle. You can keep the gloves paired up and separate them without using force.
Insulation update:
Thinsulate C70 on the front of the hand and C100 on the back. (Markhof Pro 2.0 had C40 all the way around). The update in insulation has improved warmth with an unnoticeable change in dexterity.

True Suede Lens wipe:
DWR goat leather suede wipe instead of a faux Nubuck.



Zipper update:
Waterproofed zipper with a matt finish and an easy-slide slider.

Updated Tripod Key:
Reduced size and made solid / more robust.

Finishing of the Flip-tech fingers:
Openings are piped with Lycra, ensuring a smooth finish.

Markhof V3 fliptech

Flip-tech update: Improved design to keep the gaps closed

Markhof fliptech

Updated Magnets:
Stronger magnets keeping the caps held back once and for all.

Unique Palm Print:
The new Markhof Pro V3 has a unique palm print featuring a stunning image by Simon Markhof.

Your "Take Everywhere Glove"

The vision behind the Markhof Pro V3 glove design is to craft a versatile winter glove that you can wear “from the streets to the peaks” as we say. We wanted this glove to be thick enough to keep you warm in the mountains, but also a glove you can wear around the city when you are not far from home. This is the glove we always take with us and our best "all-rounder". A lot of thought has gone into making this best-of-both-worlds design and that is probably why it has become so popular with our customers.


The Man Behind the Glove Name:

This glove was named after our Bavarian German team shooter who has inspired us with his photography for years. Simon Markhof has been a Vallerret supporter since day one and he is the master of every-day photography adventures which fits perfectly with the vision behind this glove.

As a full-blooded photography adventurer, Simon also has a knack for finding seemingly untouched places to snap landscape or snowboarding shots.


Simon embraces the everyday adventure of photography and for that, we salute him with not only his own pro model glove but a new and improved Markhof Pro V3. We hope you love it as much as we do!



  • Flip-Tech finger caps with Magnets: You’re ready to shoot in seconds. Just flip the finger cap and enjoy full access to your dials.
  • Non-slip grip: Our uniquely printed Super grippy palm print, provides stress free camera control. Featuring a Printed Image by Simon Markhof.
  • 100 % Merino Wool lining: Nature’s best weapon against the cold ensures a fitted and warm glove optimized for photography.
  • High Performance Materials: A combination of DWR fabrics with a laminated membrane and genuine Goat leather, resist water and provides excellent protection against the elements.
  • A Thinsulate mid layer adds that extra warmth to battle Mid-Winter temperatures.
  • SD-Card pocket Embedded with Tripod Key: Handy storage pocket to use for spare SD card, hand warmer or microfibre cloth and comes embedded with a handy tripod key.
  • True Suede Wipe: A soft suede cloth on the back of the thumb for the emergency wipe.
  • Jersey Cuff: An extended cuff keeping your wrist warm, and the ability to Slip on and slip off with ease. 

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Nebo | Vallerret Photography Gloves
Nebo | Vallerret Photography Gloves

November 15, 2021

Hi Patricia, we ship to 240 countries, including France, so you may order online from us directly. For more details, feel free to check: https://photographygloves.com/pages/shipping-and-delivery

Nebo | Vallerret Photography Gloves
Nebo | Vallerret Photography Gloves

November 15, 2021

Hi William, thank you for your comment. The pre-orders are for our new models, so your pre-order is for Markhof Pro V3. In case you have any questions, please send us a message to support [@] photographygloves.com.

vachon patricia
vachon patricia

November 15, 2021

depuis les 1er gants pour photographe, j’essaie de m’en procurer sur amazon.fr mais ici en France on ne trouve rien . bien dommage.

William Travers
William Travers

November 15, 2021

Just wondering whether my preorder of Markopf gloves will be of V2 or V3 variety?

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