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November 05, 2020

International Women's Day falls every year in March but in our opinion that's way too far away to celebrate some of our favourite women in photography this year. For us at Vallerret, it's important to highlight women in the field and showcase their amazing work on our platform. 

Why is it important to highlight women photographers? On an international scale, 70% to 80% of photography students are women, but only 13% to 15% of them go on to achieve the status of a professional photographer. 

Average photographers’ salary in the US

  • $50,594 – Male
  • $28,042 – Female

Male photographers made up between 89% and 96% of those working commercially between 2013 and 2017. In the US, 92% of adverts are shot by men, as are 85% of magazine covers. These numbers are even bleaker when specifically comparing BIPOC photographers. 

Highlighting women in photography helps change the perceived conception about photographers and what qualities are necessary to be a professional photographer so we are thrilled to be spending this week showcasing some of our favourite photographers from 2020. Let's jump in!


1. Erin Babnik

Erin is known internationally as a leading photographic artist, educator, writer, and speaker. Her ambitious and expressive style of landscape photography brings together an unusual integration of adventurous exploration, progressive techniques, and formal education in the arts. Her feed is filled with inspiring landscapes in soft hues.


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“Grand Opening” (Italian Dolomites) This particular day was about as good as they get. The season’s first big snowfall kicked off a phenomenal winter season in the Dolomites, just in time for my winter workshop there. It was a winter that kept on giving, with snow storms blanketing the region as late as early April, and I was thrilled to be there to enjoy both ends of the season’s generous run of white coatings. If you would like to join me for some of this magic in 2020, check out the link in my bio. Session 1 sold out in about five hours, so I’ve just opened a second session. It’s a bit late notice at this point, but hey why not…let’s do this!! I personally cannot get enough of winter’s charms.

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2. Jennifer Renwick

Jennifer is a nature and landscape photographer based out of Golden, Colorado. While her she enjoys photographing landscapes, her real passion is focusing on small details within those landscapes. 

"Every grand landscape has many stories and nuances that make up the larger picture, and each of these deserves their moment to shine. I enjoy practicing slow photography and being a visual storyteller. Whether I'm photographing dolphins in the ocean or positioned over a natural abstract in the desert, my goal is the same. I strive to make compelling photos that not only trigger emotions and feelings but, more importantly, help bring awareness to the inspiring but delicate natural world we live in."


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When people usually think of sand dunes, they think of the massive dune fields and vastness those locations bring. While I enjoy shooting and exploring those scenes, I often find myself shooting with my telephoto. I find the smaller intimate details in those dunes, and I enjoy finding them during the beautiful yet fleeting moments of certain light. This is an image from last year during a walk on a remote dune field. I enjoy that this is an abstract, as the light catches the ridges of the dunes in this smaller scene. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #sunrise #desertphotography #mojave #deserts #sand #sanddunes #dunes #divine_deserts #desertandinfinity #desertlove #desertlife #desertphotography #exploretocreate #california #naturalcalifornia #wildcalifornia #landscapestyles #nikond500 #naturescapes #landscapephotography #photographerfocus #followyourfeet #visualsofearth ⁠ ⁠

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3. Esther Ruth Mbabazi 

Esther Ruth Mbabazi is a documentary photographer from Kampala, Uganda. As a documentary photographer, Esther uses storytelling and photojournalism to address issues in her society. Coming from a humble background, her work explores changing conditions on the African continent, with a focus on the social, physical and emotional aspects of daily life. Esther is driven to bring to light issues in society that are too often overlooked.


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Last week I had one, if not the most emotional assignments I’ve ever done. My heart and thoughts are with all the girls that have experienced sexual violence, in this case, rape as a weapon of war. Being in this position, on the other side of the camera - listening to the terrible and devastating experiences that girls, as young as 15 have gone through - makes me so disgusted of beings that are sometimes still called *human somewhere. And yet, once in a while, the girls I met could afford a smile when they’re in company of family and close friends. This is strength! This is perseverance, this is hope. Sending love and positive thoughts to the girls out there that have been sexually violated. Sending you healing. Pictured here is Daphne, a contemporary dancer during a collaborative piece about surviving sexual violence we shot back in 2016. Until last week, I hadn’t felt this deeply hurt on assignment. Soldier on my sisters. Soldier on.

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4. Kristina Wilson

Kristina Wilson is a landscape photographer based out of the Portland, Oregon in the USA. Her feed is filled with a variety of textures and a colour palette that perfectly captures the mood of the Pacific Northwest. Her style is soft yet moody, mystical but straightforward. We love experiencing the seasonal changes through her feed. 

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I ❤️ the forest. I'll always choose the forest over the beach. Unless we are talking about a warm & sandy coastline. 😉 It's been a crazy summer here in the PNW. With all the fires this summer, it feels like it's been one big haze. I'm looking forward to some cooler weather and rain next week. Hopefully it will bring some relief to the wildfires. 🌲❤️🌧 P.S. I'm also ready for Fall. 🍂🍁 . . #lonelyplanet #nakedplanet #artofvisuals #bevisuallyinspired #wildernessculture #greatnorthcollective #master_shots #awesomeearth #ourplanetdaily #marvelshots #ig_exquisite #pro_ig #natureart #wonderful_america #canon6d #teamcanon #tree_captures #thebest_capture #femalelandscapephotographer #canon #teamcanon #canon6d

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5. Vanessa Charlot 

Vanessa Charlot is a documentary photographer living and working between St. Louis, Missouri and Miami, Florida. She shoots primarily in black and white to explore the immutability of the collective human experience and to disrupt compositional hierarchy. Her work focuses on the intersectionality of spirituality, socio-economic issues and sexual/gender expression. The purpose of her work is to produce visual representations of varied human existences that are free of an oppressive gaze.

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I’ve always thought that someone who experienced life through a trans lens was magical. Indigenous people often refer to them as two-spirited, existing between two world bringing messages from the spiritual plane into this one, showing us how to embrace both the feminine and masculine aspects of our being. Flutes in Ferguson. 2020. #blacktranslivesmatter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #womanphotographer #defundthepolice #protest #capturestreets #jacobblake #justiceforgeorgefloyd #resist #jamesbaldwin #photodocumentary #blacklivesmatter #socialdocumentary #photojournalist #justiceforbreonnataylor #burndiary #ig_global_people #worldface #streetphotographer #lifeportraits #documentaryphotography #documentaryphotographer #thestreetphotographyhub #qwoc #streets_storytelling #reportagespotlight #magnumphotos #blackphotographer #vanessacharlot #nojusticenopeace

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6. Sarah Marino

Sarah Marino is a nature and landscape photographer, photography educator and widely published writer. She splits her time between Colorado and living a Nomadic life in an Airstream trailer. Her work features a diverse range of subjects including grand landscapes, intimate landscapes, abstract renditions of nature, and creative portraits of plants. 


7. Neeta Satam

Neeta is a St. Louis based photographer originally from Mumbai. Her work explores the themes of cultural assimilation, the human condition, and the environment through documentary photography. Her work features an honest look into the lives of every day people all around the world. Her 8 year stint at a consultant agency helped illuminate how often companies prioritize economic growth rather than concerns about conservation and human health issues which encouraged her into a career of visual journalism. 

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Soman Chasdon manually sheers wool off a sheep in her animal barn in Zanskar, Kashmir. A severe water shortage in 2003 due to climate change forced villagers to sell off much of their livestock. Villagers have always relied on sheep wool to weave “Gonchas”. Gonchas are traditional Tibetan wool coats used to keep warm through long winters when temperatures drop below zero. In 2015, the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution calling climate change the most serious modern-day challenge to the fulfillment of human rights. Global warming is changing the Himalayas faster than any other region of the world outside the polar caps. The Himalayan glaciers contain the largest store of water outside the polar ice caps and feed seven large Asian rivers supporting 1.5 billion people across eight countries. Data and understanding of the impact of climate change on the Himalayan Glaciers are limited due to a lack of studies. This image is part of a long term project I have been pursuing. Since 2015, I have been documenting the impacts of climate change in the Indian Himalayas. . . This is Neeta Satam (@neeta.satam) taking over @womenphotograph Instagram feed. This week I will be posting images from my assignments, travels, and ongoing personal projects. I am a freelance photojournalist and a National Geographic Explorer based in Saint Louis and Mumbai. My work explores the themes of identity, migration and the environment through documentary photography. #globalwarming #himalayas #zanskar #climatechange #waterscarcity #droughts #climatecrisis #everdayclimatechange #climateaction #climateemergency

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8. Serena Dzenis

Serena is an Australian photographer based in Iceland whose work places a strong emphasis on storytelling within the landscape – connecting with the land and immersing oneself in the rhythms and dangers associated with the living presence of this world. Her hope is to deliver the voice of nature through visual storytelling to a much broader audience in collaboration with researchers, scientists and media outlets.

Her feed is filled with inspiring photos of enchanting landscapes highlighting the otherworldliness that is sometimes associated with nature on our own planet. Serena transforms each scene with a subtle narrative that highlights her penchant for advocacy and making the most of what this world has to offer. She has embraced the challenge to inspire others to protect the complexity of nature, one image at a time.


9. Susan Holt

Susan Holt is a landscape photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona  USA. Her work features the stunning diversity of the United States from wildlife to Aspen forests, to the high deserts. Much of her focus is on fine art prints and she also offers photo workshops and teaching photography classes via skype. Her photos have been featured in the Sierra Magazine, LA Times, Outdoor Photographer Magazine (online), and much more.


10. Sarah H. Alsayegh

Sarah Hasan Alsayeghs a Kuwaiti based Photographer who specializes in Landscape and Cityscape Photography and Storm Chasing. Sarah's love for photography came from her father. She started it as a hobby in the early years of 2005 and evolving her passion for photography since. Sarah's work features diverse landscape from Iceland to Oklahoma to Kuwait. Her feed is filled with ominous clouds and moody storm scenes.


11. Nicki Frates

Nicki Frates is an LA based landscape photographer who blends a deep reverence for nature and an appetite for adventure with an intuitive eye to create images that offer a distinctive and passionate perspective of the physical world. 

Nicki is no stranger to art. She comes from a background in fashion design where she honed her skills of bringing visions to life, as well as exercised a keen awareness about the market. Her vision has been enhanced by her spiritual connection to the natural world, and her intention is to share a bit of that magic through each photo.


12. Crystal Brindle

Crystal Brindle is an American photographer based in the South Island of New Zealand. As a Department of Conservation ranger, Crystal is a passionate tramper and mountain runner, and has quickly taken to exploring some of the remotest corners of our country. To say Crystal is a "go-getter" would be a vast underestimate. She spends much of her free time exploring difficult to reach peaks in the heart of Fiordland, New Zealand, capturing scenes that only the most determined of photographers can capture. Follower along if you're in the mood to be inspired by the stunning magic of New Zealand. 


13.  Acacia Johnson


Acacia Johnson is a photographer, artist, and writer from Alaska, focused on human relationships to wilderness. Her work highlights her ever growing love for Alaska and Antarctica and she also works as a seasonal expedition guide and lecturer in Greenland, Svalbard, the Canadian Arctic and Antarctica. She has made over 55 expeditions to the Polar Regions for work and personal projects and is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Virginia. 

14. Alexis Hunley

 Alexis is a self-taught photographer based in LA who uses storytelling to celebrate the beauty and complexity of living as a human. She has focused much of her recent work photographing the Black Lives Matter movement in the USA. 

"My dedication to placing the brilliance and the beauty of Black people front and center has not changed. We are more than our pain and our struggles. We are resilient. We are joyful. We are powerful beyond measure. My greatest wish is that my work will make Black people around the world feel seen, loved and understood."


15. Isabella Tabacchi

Isabella is a landscape photographer based in the north of Italy. Her photography and art are the result of her need to explore the natural places and capture these landscapes from her personal point of view. Isabella always looks for new ways to see the different environments and looks for leading lines, elements in the foreground, natural frames. By the use of luminosity masks, in the editing phase of her work, she improves the mood, the essence and the emotions captured.

Isabella explored and studied the boundless sceneries in the Alps, with a special regard to the Italian Dolomite but her photography has also brought her to the far east of Russia, Lofoten Islands, Canary Islands, Iceland and Namibia.

Her feed is filled with moody tones, dark skies and brilliant blue hour shots. Follow along if you're want to be inspired by beautiful mountain images. 

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Winter oasis ❄️ From autumn to winter! This is a shot of a little Swiss town called Bettmeralp, visited last winter. This image was taken in collaboration with @hasselblad , @aletscharena_ch, @haidafilter and @fotopro.official . . . . . . #switzerland #landscape #nature #landscapephotography #landscape_photography #naturephotography #mountainscape #mountainlife #mountainview #landscapecaptures #bestmountainartists #swissalps #feelthealps #visitswitzerland #amazingswitzerland #switzerlandpictures #snowymountains #igerssuisse #switzerlandwonderland #ig_switzerland #winterphotography #splendid_mountains #swissmountains #switzerland_bestpix #exploreswitzerland #bestofswitzerland #igersswitzerland

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