October 27, 2020

Cover photo by Brent Haglund.

Macro photography is a type of photography that always mystifies us. It’s the process of giving larger than life portraits to the small things in life, the things we hardly take the time to notice and appreciate. From the hair on a fly’s leg to the geometry of a snowflake, macro photographers help us understand that even the world’s tiniest scenes deserve an intimate up-close look.

Always looking to diversify our Instagram feed, we’ve been obsessed with filling our feed with talented macro photographers blurring the boundaries between art and photography. Here are our favourite macro photographers to follow on Instagram right now.

1. Emisafra:

Sarah Marcello is the photographer behind @emisafra. Based in Italy, Sarah specialises in soft hues and intimate looks at delicate flora and the minuscule fauna. We especially love her work that features tiny water droplets clinging to singular blades of grass reminding us of the fragility of nature.  

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Magia, alchimia... Quel che volete. Guardiamo tutto con gli stessi occhi ma osserviamo tutto con occhi diversi. Ed è proprio questo il bello del "sentire"con gli occhi. Che di certo negli occhi non si ferma. Tutto dagli occhi passa e va a sublimare qualcosa di più grande e potente. 💙 . Piccola alba in goccia . . 💎. . . . . . . . . . . #lensloves_nature #dreaming_in_macro #drops_perfection #dark_macro_art #dof_brilliance #macro_dreams #soft_topshot #fiftyshades_of_macro #macro_brilliance #drops_creative #macro_highlight #macro_captures_nature #macro_symphony #macro_delight #softtones_perfection #ig_magical_nature #macro_globe #the_mirror_of_our_souls #drops_creative #ethereal_softness #macro_vision #top_macro #softness_and_lovely #macro_perfection #9vaga_drops9 #macro_royals #angelsandflowers_ #macro_secret #macro_drama #macro_mextures

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2. karthikeyan.photographer

As a winter photography company, we usually gravitate towards cool blues and blustery winter photos but we couldn’t make this list and not include @karthikeyan.photographer. Karthikeyan takes the meaning of a bug’s life to a whole other level. He has a knack for photographing colourful insect in amazing detail. If you’ve never seen a cute spider, this is the account to change your mind. 


3. doogle1976

Jamie is another photographer who takes pride in showcasing close-ups of small creatures. Much of his work features insects and the lives they live but he also ventures into reptiles, arachnids and the occasional bird or mammal. We especially love this close up look at a few grains of salt which, taken out of context, definitely looks like the ice found at Diamond Beach in Iceland. 




4. Nadialoz_

Nadia is a photographer from Mexico who specializes in bird and macro photography. Her feed is filled with close-ups of a tiny world in rich colour with impressive detail. Her photos have themes of soft muted greens and rich oranges throughout. 


5. Bert.nijholt

Bert’s photos blend reality and abstract art into one. He focused on photographing water droplets but most of his photos are so abstract that it may take you a while to figure out what you’re looking at. He showcases the pure beauty of a simple round droplet of water. 



6. Kotuha 

Kotuha is a Slovakian photographer who also heavily features water droplets. We are especially impressed with Kotuha's photos like the one below that show the surprisingly stunning transition of a water droplet from water form to ice. 



7. Verika.photo

Viera’s work often is mostly dominated by flower photography featuring bright pastels and crystal clear focus. We especially love this photo showing the beauty and simplicity found in bubbles. 



8. campanaromichela 

Michela is an Italian macro photographer who often features insects and their surroundings in her work. Her photos are graceful and soft and give a unique perspective into a tiny world. 



9. erinoutdoors 

Erin Sullivan is a photographer who found her way in the adventure and travel sector but who recently delved into the world of macro photography. During the Covid-19 lockdowns, Erin pushed herself to stay creative by imagining and creating adventurous scenes right in her own apartment using everyday items and model train figurines. We are constantly inspired by her creativity and positivity which shine through her photography.



10. bugs_birds_and_beyond

Brent Haglund is a photographer from the USA who often features bugs, plants and snowflakes on his feed. We love his series of snowflake photos which prove that each snowflake really is unique and individual. We’re amazed by the diverse snowflake shapes he’s been able to capture and look forward to seeing more from his Minnesota winter.



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