Improve Your Winter Photography

If you've found yourself mesmerized by the magic of winter but unable to translate what you see into a well-composed image, this course is for you!

At Vallerret, we live and breathe winter photography and know it poses its own set of challenges.

Follow along in a mix of Studio lessons, Field lessons, and Exercises, as Carl shares with you "Everything you need to know" for taking control of your camera, shooting full manual, and capturing killer winter images + Best Tips & Tricks from the field.

Learn in just a few hours what has taken us years of trial and error, with tips gathered by working alongside renowned winter photographers

Get started with these FREE lessons from the course:

Intro to Focusing

Auto Focus Single, Auto Focus Continuous or Manual Focus? Learn here what settings will help get the best results.

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Focusing in the Field

In this lessons Carl shows you how you apply the different settings in the field: Shooting winter landscapes, winter portraits and running huskies.

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Create a killer Composition

Use these basic rules of composition to create interesting images that draws in the viewer.

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Using Shutter Speed to Show Motion

Manipulating your shutter speed can create unique effects and atmosphere in your photo that could never be replicated in Photoshop.

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