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Skadi LRS Zipper Mitt

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The Versatile Mitt for Creatives
A 2-in-1 Mitt and Glove; the Skadi LRS combines the best of both worlds: exceptional warmth and unparalleled control. Swiftly transform from full hand coverage, to fingertip freedom. Designed for photographers and videographers alike, the Skadi LRS Zipper Mitt allows you to adapt to the conditions by adding or removing the liner.

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Removeable Inner Glove -¬† Polartec¬ģ Power Stretch¬ģ Pro‚ĄĘ
The Skadi LRS Zipper Mitt Photography Gloves feature a 2-in-1 design, combining a mitten and a separate liner. Remove the liner on warmer days, or wear them on their own in mild conditions. 

Zipper and Flip-Tech Thumb with Magnets
Transitioning between shooting and non-shooting tasks is easy peasy. The Skadi LRS Zipper Mitt features a Zipper and Flip-Tech Thumb secured with magnets, that allow for quick and effortless conversion from a fully enclosed mitten to a free-fingered glove. 

Storm Leash
The Skadi LRS Zipper Mitt comes with a storm leash, ensuring your glove stays securely attached to your wrist at all times. This feature provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on capturing extraordinary shots without worrying about losing your glove during fast-paced shooting sessions or challenging conditions.

Carabiner Clip
Convenience is key when it comes to outdoor photography. The Skadi LRS Zipper Mitt also comes with a carabiner clip, allowing you to attach your gloves to your camera bag, backpack, or belt loop.

Built-In Tripod Key
Located in the pocket on the back of the hand, this handy Tripod key allows you to adjust and secure your tripod with ease. No more searching for misplaced tools. Enjoy a seamless setup process and focus on capturing stunning images in a hassle-free manner.

Lukas Riedl Signature Model (LRS)
Inspired by Lukas Riedl's artistic vision, the Skadi Photography Glove empowers you to unleash your creativity like never before. Lukas's expertise and attention to detail have shaped every aspect of this glove, ensuring it meets the highest standards of photography and videography enthusiasts.

Designed for: Deep Winter

Tech Specs
  • Inner Glove - Polartec¬ģ Power Stretch¬ģ Pro‚ĄĘ
  • 100% Merino Wool Lining
  • Primaloft Mid-Layer Insulation
  • Zipper and FlipTech thumb with magnets
  • PU faux leather
  • Laminated DWR outer shell, resists water & wind
  • Non-slip grip
  • SD-Card pocket with Tripod Key
  • Gauntlet Under Cuff
  • Extras: Storm Leash, carabiner Clip & Steal Eyelet
  • ¬†

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Paolo Montanari
    A great product for the most demanding

    It is not the first Vallerret glove that I have owned and honestly I have never regretted the choice. The company is synonymous with quality and has demonstrated it more than once.
    The choice of this glove is due to the weather conditions I often find myself in, extreme cold...
    The glove is extremely high-performance and has a practical zip that allows you to remove your hand in complete comfort. The under glove, supplied in the kit, helps keep your hands warm as well as having the possibility of using touch screen devices with complete peace of mind.
    These aren't the only skills this glove provides.
    Practical pocket for heating devices, universal key for screws and carabiner to avoid the risk of losing quanta.
    In practice, perfect gloves for the most demanding.

    Thanks for your review! Enjoy your gloves and happy winter shooting :)

    Marc De Col

    The gloves are great, they keep your hands warm and dry, and they have the nice thing that they are super practical, a great product

    Thanks for the review! We're glad you're enjoying the new Skadi LRS Zipper Mitt!

    Carlo Alberto Conti
    My favourite gloves

    Being a landscape photographer is beautiful. Doing it while traveling around the world is even more so. Often when I find myself shooting I'm so focused on the photographic moment that I just give myself everything and everyone. There is only one thing that brings me back to the real world: the cold. Yes, because when you find yourself in the middle of winter on the Finnish steppe, in the Norwegian fjords or along the Icelandic cliffs, the cold is felt. And there is nothing worse than finding yourself in front of a beautiful Aurora Borealis and not being able to take photographs due to cold hands. To overcome the problem, after years of using a traditional glove from another brand, last winter he needed a new pair of gloves. I had received positive feedback on VALLERRET from friends/colleagues so, browsing their official website https://photographygloves.com, I noticed a very interesting new product: the SKADI LRS glove. I was looking for a glove that was different from traditional ones and so, intrigued, I asked the Vallerret Team for the possibility of testing this model.
    The Skadi LRS, available in black and military green, is placed on the Vallerret scale at the "Deep Winter" point, meaning it offers very high protection from the cold.

    It is a modular glove, i.e. it is made up of two levels with a tight-fitting liner and a covering mitten. This combination means that the Skadi LRS is a glove adaptable to 90% of winter conditions. During my winter trips to Iceland and Norway I was able to fully appreciate this feature, as the double layer makes the glove very warm and perfectly adaptable to the alternation of temperatures throughout the day. As mentioned, since it is made up of two gloves, it is possible to wear only the underglove, only the mitten, or both in case of really cold temperatures.

    In general I found the Skadi LRS to be a very flexible glove thanks also to its mitten shape which allows, thanks to the heat-sealed zips, to give freedom to the fingers in a few seconds to have complete control over our camera.

    There are small details that make the Skadi LRS one of my favorite gloves:
    First of all, the elasticated lace ensures that the mitt remains firmly attached to the wrist even in extreme wind conditions (tested in Iceland...trust me!) and helps not to forget the glove here and there when we are concentrated on the shooting phase. Then the carabiner, very convenient for attaching to a tripod, backpack or belt loops. The Skadi LRS is also equipped with small magnets inserted in the thumbs of the mitten which allow our fingers to be free to act, as well as a small pocket in which we can place the warmers, for those who suffer most from the cold. Furthermore, the pocket of the right glove hides a small tool that allows you to act on the tripod pins or plates to attach the cameras to the heads of our tripods.

    Finally the question is: if you could go back would you buy them again? the answer is simple. Absolutely yes! I recommend everyone to try the Skadi LRS, you won't regret it, and your fingers will thank you!

    Thanks for your great feedback on the Skadi LRS Zipper Mitt! Stay warm and happy winter shooting :)

    George Baston
    Very good.

    My second gloves from Vallerret, I already have a pair of Markhofs. I got this Skadi combination for maximum protection as I suffer from Raynaud's which can mean my hands go ‚Äėdead‚Äô when they get too cold. the ‚Äúdouble layer‚ÄĚ system of the Skadia looked to give me the best protection as I still want to keep photographing regardless of the weather! I haven‚Äôt experienced very cold conditions yet but I‚Äôm ‚Äėbreaking‚Äô them in and they are working very well in the sometimes chilly conditions of UK autumn. The inner gloves are excellent for fit and comfort, the 'phone touch‚Äô works fine. I mentioned ‚Äėbreaking in‚Äô as inevitably new kit needs some time to get eased and adjusted. This applies to both inner gloves and the mitts, the wrist straps on the mitts are handy. All in all I‚Äôm very pleased with the performance and comfort even though I‚Äôm still on the working in phase. The combination works well, but being quite specialised and niche they are inevitably a little on the expensive ( for me) side but hopefully I‚Äôm optimistic this will be money well spent.

    Thanks for your review. We hope you'll get good use out of the Skadi LRS Zipper Mitts this winter!

    Giovanni Maurizi
    Great Gloves

    The gloves are very good and they fit perfectly.
    I wait the wintry conditions to test them in the cold.
    Great materials.

    Thanks for the feedback! We're glad you're pleased with the gloves - we hope you have a chance to use them in the winter!