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October 04, 2021 2 min read 2 Comments

If you are a Winter Photographer who needs a reliable Deep-Winter Photography Glove, we have recently launched, not one, but two awesome models!

We're pumped to present to you The Tinden and The Hatchet.

Now, since the pre-launch, we've been getting lots of questions about these two models.

How do they compare to each other? What are the differences? What's similar?

To answer these questions and help you get a clear picture of what these gloves are capable of, we have created a guide where all the features are explained and compared.

We go feature by feature and at the end give you tips how to decide what to get.



There are two different Cuff designs.
Both function to keep the glove in position on your hand and your wrist warm. Depending on your preference you may like one or the other style.

 Tinden Hatchet
tinden cuff
hatchet cuff
Gauntlet Cuff and strap:
Cuff and strap open wider when putting the glove on and can be tightened to preference when wearing the glove. It's designed to go under your jacket sleeve.
Extended Jersey Knit Cuff:
The Extended Jersey knit cuff fits snug around the wrist with an easy-on/easy-off glide. It's designed to go under your jacket sleeve.



The difference: The Hatchet was inspired by a working glove. By using full leather and removing all the seams on the palm, the Hatchet will take a beating.

 Tinden Hatchet
tinden materials hatchet materials
Tinden is a mix of DWR Leather and DWR Polyester with a laminated membrane.
Hatchet is full Leather.



Both are created and suited for Deep winter. The Tinden will be slightly warmer due to heavier insulation on the back.

 Tinden Hatchet
Insulation tinden 2 Insulation hatchet
Tinden uses Primaloft Gold 270gsm on the back of the hand and 170gsm on the front.
The Hatchet uses 133gsm Primaloft grip on the front and Primaloft Gold 133 gsm.

Flip tech
Both utilize overlapping flip-tech design.
Fliptech tinden Fliptech hatchet
Tinden flip-tech design. Hatchet flip-tech design.

Photography features
Both have True Suede lens wipe.  The Tinden includes the pocket on the back and the integrated tripod key.
Features tinden Features hatchet
Tinden True Suede lens wipe and the pocket at the back with integrated tripod key. Hatchet True Suede lens wipe.

Non-slip Grip
The leather of the Hatchet grips well to the camera, whilst the Tinden utilizes our non-slip grip print on the palm.
Grip tinden Grip hatchet
Tinden non-slip grip on the palm. Hatchet leather grips well to the camera.



Deciding what to get?

There is the style and there is the function.

Function: Whilst both are designed for photography and have equal access to your dials, the Tinden would be better suited for mountain tops and the Hatchet better suited for frozen woodlands and hiking.

Style: We can’t ignore that we all have a certain style that we like, Perhaps the Hatchet suits your eye better than the Tinden or vice versa, the Hatchet Natural Tan is especially pleasing to us.

The cuffs are also different, Tinden has a gauntlet cuff and wrist strap, the Hatchet has a jersey cuff, you may have a preference on the style of cuff you like to wear.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to let us know in the comments.

2 Responses

Nebo | Vallerret Photography Gloves
Nebo | Vallerret Photography Gloves

January 31, 2022

Hi Gabriel, thanks for your comment. If you scroll to the footer of this page, you will find our Sizing Chart (link called Help With Sizing on our US site). Or just copy/paste this link into your browser: https://us.photographygloves.com/pages/sizing-chart (for visitors outside of US/CA: https://photographygloves.com/pages/sizing-chart). Cheers, Nebo

Gabriel Montesdeoca
Gabriel Montesdeoca

January 31, 2022

I am planning to purchase one of these gloves. I also want to know about the size. I usually used medium size in the USA. Is this size correct since these gloves are from Europe. Let me know.

Thank you


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