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Cover photo by Joseph Hall.

Seeing the world from above is often only a privilege allowed for birds and climbers but with the introduction of affordable drones, birdseye views are often only a Google search away. We are always on the hunt for inspiring photographers pushing the boundaries of their craft and when we came across these drone and aerial photographers, we knew we had to share! Check out their work below and give them a follow on Instagram.



Simeon Pratt is an award-winning Chicago based cinematographer and photographer. Raised on a farm in the rural midwest, he's a photographer who is invested in telling a story with an image and is forever on the hung for narratives and visuals. From tiny dinghies in the Norwegian fjords to the heart of the Peruvian Mountains, His images are sure to leave you with a sense of wistful wanderlust.


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driven . . #chicago#livebetterco#fromwhereidrone

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2. @benjaminhardman

Benjamin Hardman is an Australian photographer based in Iceland. Benjamin’s fine-art works encapsulate the North’s most obscure landscapes – the barren, cold and volatile environments that are inhabited by colossal ice structures, carved volcanic mountains and resilient wildlife. He makes a concerted effort to focus on glaciers, highlighting their ever-increasing fragility. 




Mike Bishop is an aerial cinematographer and drone pilot based in Los Angeles. Mike's work centres around astounding aerial films, shooting in some of the most remote and breathtaking places on earth from Namibia to Greenland. 



4. @alliemtaylor

Allie is an American photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. Her images are a documentation of her global travels and she seeks to create a space where travellers and adventure enthusiasts alike can discover the beauty of the world we live in.



5. @ozzophotography

Ozzo is a photographer, filmmaker and commercial drone operator living in Iceland. He merges his lifelong passion of photography with travelling around Iceland and all around the world. His images of winter scapes and night photography have been widely recognised in both local and international media.


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Delta Rivers Iceland 🇮🇸

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6. @stianmklo

Stian is an award-winning fine art nature and landscape photographer from Harstad, Norway. He is also co-founder, along with Arild Heitmann, of Lofoten Tours and aims to capture and portray the unique Arctic landscape in his images. 



7. @erezmarom

Erez Marom is an Israeli nature photographer skilled at capturing the world from above. From Hawaiian volcanoes to the ice caps in Greenland. (Legend has it that Erez even melted his drone in an attempt to photograph lava!) The variety of content on his page will leave you captivated and want to grab your passport.


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The Last thing I did in my Recent Greenland winter trip was an iceberg sail. I did two sails, one with other tourists and one private, where I had 4 hours to explore the bay north of Ilulissat. The bay had a thin layer of ice on it, and it was so much fun sailing on slush! Access was a bit limited to some of the icebergs due to thicker sea ice, but I found some wonderful and intricate icebergs far enough from town that I could legally use my drone to shoot aerial perspectives. The icy water also created beautiful reflections in patches of clean water. Big thanks to my friends at @air_greenland_official , @ilovegreenland and @square_rock for generously sponsoring my trip and helping me fulfill my dream of shooting Greenland in winter. It's been more than incredible! :) . . . . . . #greenland #arctic #winter #diskobay #ilulissat #iceberg #DJIPhantom4pro #DJIglobal #dji #aerial #drone #greenlandpioneer #boat #icebergs

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Paul Watson is a landscape and adventure photographer from the UK who shoots melancholy imagery in neutral palettes. His feed is filled with aerial footage showcasing the sheer enormity of iconic photographer locations such as Lofoten, Greenland and the Lakes District in the UK.



9. @airpixels

Tobias is a well known Swedish drone photographer and videographer whose work is sure to leave an impression on you. Tobias has a knack for capturing some of the most stunning images of our natural world from above blending, textures and colours to the point of resembling abstract art. 



10. @mattiaerial

 Micahel Matti is a Seattle based drone operator and photographer focused on travel and nature. His imagery takes you from Indonesia to Vermont and everything in between. Michael's feed is filled with bright, rich colours and complicated textures, offering a birds-eye view of the world from above. 




 11. @joe_shutter

Joseph Hall is a freelance adventure and landscape photographer based in Iceland. His work is focused on shedding light on the complexity and fragility of his Icelandic surroundings and his feed will wow you with moody scenes of far away lands. 




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Erica | Vallerret Photography Gloves
Erica | Vallerret Photography Gloves

October 20, 2020

Hi Stuart, thanks for your comment. The goal of our blog is to provide resources and inspiration for winter photographers, hence why we have so many winter drone shots! :)


October 20, 2020

You’ve selected 11 drone photos that show snow / ice. There’s nothing that says “don’t follow” me than showing 11 very similar style shots. Where are the other landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, etc…?

Fancy seeing a few of those, then check out some of mine: IG: stubbyd.the1st

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