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Video Review Guidelines

Enjoying your Vallerret Photography Gloves? Why not share it with the world?! Video reviews from customers like you help other winter photographers find gloves for their own adventures. Fellow photographers will benefit from your review and you’ll get a 15% rebate on your purchase. Win win!

Please read the below guidelines carefully before filming your video, to ensure you are eligible for the rebate.

How to get your rebate

  1. Film a video of you presenting your purchase. Ensure that the image is horizontal (wider than it is high). In this case, the more authentic the better! Feel free to shoot the video on your phone, just make sure the video is horizontal.
  2. You don’t need a special mic to record but do ensure you’re in a quiet place where the audio is clear.
  3. Film in a well-lit area.
  4. Describe your experience with your photography gloves? What did you enjoy? Where have you taken them? What conditions are they suited for?
  5. Keep your video short. Thirty seconds to one minute is a great length to aim for.
  6. Send your video to erica@photographygloves.com with the subject “Video Review” along with your purchase order or the name the order was made under.

That’s it! We’ll share your stoke with other winter photographers and you’ll get some cash back to help fund your other photography adventures. Happy shooting!