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April 21, 2016

The Vallerret Shutter Showdown and our first event went off like a rocket!

Our nerves where high with promises to other sponsors, with months of work and a week of evenings shaping and building the park features to get the shutter showdown ready the pressure was on.

All these nerves subsided once the BBQ and beats were cranking, riders were throwing down and photogs started jumping all over the place finding those creative angles. With one tasty Vosskjøt sausage in hand we could sit back and enjoy the epic action, mostly viewed through the lens.

Photographer taking a photo of a skierphotographer on a post with skiers in the background ski photography

The shutter showdown

is a concept not entirely our own making, but we put our own spin on the photography challenge idea. We opened the doors to any photographer wanting to team up with a skier or snowboarder for 3 hours in a specially built park, followed by 90 minutes to edit and submit photos in order to battle off in 4 photography categories.

The whole purpose was to bring together photographers from all over and of all levels for a killer time, network, learn, shoot and generally have a weekend getting kicks out of doing what they love.

Competition Day:

The comp day itself was forecasted to be a rainy, a blatantly shitty day of which ended up all right. Unfortunately no great light, but at least it didn’t rain.

It was sensational to just watch the teams working it out, trying angles, trying to get both their riders to time their tricks together, of which either failed or became bangers. The excitement escalated with anticipation of the gallery evening, where we could view and scrutinize the images that could only be imagined whilst watching the live action.

ski and snowboard photographers laughing

With the weather holding off and the shooters banging out their edits, the final results where.

Category: Black and white.  (Photos below)

1st – Martin Bjørqkvist

2nd – Lukas Riedl

3rd – Rickard Croy

skiers in black and white

Category: Creative.    (Photos below)

1st – Rickard Croy

2nd – Simon Markhof

3rd – Lukas Riedl

creative perspectives on skiers

Category: Lifestyle.    (Photos below)

1st – Rickard Croy

2nd – Lukas Riedl

3rd – Martin Bjørkqvist


ski and snowboard photography

Category: Sequence.    (Photos below)

1st – Simon Markhof

2nd – Rickard Croy

3rd – Martin Bjorqkvist

skier jump sequences

Winning Team: Rickard Croy

Overall Photo of the Day: Rickard Croy   (photo below)

skier as seen through a camera lens

Just being around super excited and even more talented photographers for a weekend, enhanced our photography skills. Each day in general conversation there were value bombs by Vernon Deck, the pro Volcom snowboard photographer. Just watching other photographers work the scene, come up with new compositions and angles fuelled creativity and improvement. It’s true what they say, to be great you need to surround yourself with great people. Not in the least bit saying I’m great, but I sure picked up my game.

We couldn’t have been more stoked with Vernon Deck and a huge thanks goes out to him for getting involved with the shutter showdown. His knowledge and expertise was soaked up by everyone, and with photography aside it was just fun to shred, kick back with a beer or explore the local hotspots.

Freeride photography workshop with Vernon Deck.

Photography Workshop with Vernon Deck

Photo | Carl van den Boom

As with all comps and great events, some celebration is in order. So after a rowdy evening and shaking off the cloudy head, we were pumped for Vernon’s ski and snowboard photography workshop.

Heading out to some pre-prepared locations Vernon let loose on tips, tricks and professional fundamentals surrounding snowboard photography. It was time to just get creative, joke around whilst pushing the skill levels. We even strapped on the snowboard and literally jumped in front of the lens for some “Learning by doing”.

Vernon Deck teaching snowboard photography

Photo | Lukas Riedl

skier mid jump

Best tips from the workshop (of which there were many so perhaps a better title is: Secret tips from a veteran snowboard photographer)

  • Prefocus: set your camera focus to an assigned button – not the shutter release
  • Set up your camera to shoot in Black and White during overcast days.
  • Talk with your rider continuously; check they are all right before checking your shot. Know what trick they are going to throw so you can find the best angle for it, butt shots are exactly that… a butt shot.
  • Move and walk the area, a couple meters to either side or up and down can blow your image to the next level.
  • No cheating – Photoshop is out if you want to submit photos for publication. You will need to send raw’s in to the magazines not your over edited and dramatized jpg’s. So watch your framing, get the shot as best you can in camera.

What to say? The weekend overall was epic! We are stoked that everyone was stoked. Personally, our photography got a huge bump and we’re invigorated to go shoot even more.

A massive thanks to all the Vallerret Shooters that came and made the weekend what it was. Thanks to Vernon, you’re a legend. Thanks to Voss resort and all the sponsors: Mons Royale, Session board shop Bergen. Sonderud Fotography: Elitefoto Voss, Vossaskjøt for their delicious sausages and all the volunteers for spinning a yarn on the mic and keeping everyone safe during the mayhem.

Be sure to watch out for next years’ Shutter Showdown and come join the fun.



Team Vallerret.

 Photos from Shutter Showdown

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