May 01, 2020


It's officially May and we are months into the global pandemic that has upended the world. Sometimes it feels like the day passes far too quickly and before you know it, the day is gone. Other days feel like a never-ending saga of boredom. If you've felt both, you're not alone. We feel you.

Like many of you, we've been revisiting some old photos to give them a fresh update and while we all know that presets are never the end-all-be-all, sometimes it's fun to try another photographer's editing style on your own work.

In early May, Vallerret Team Shoot offered up his Iceland preset pack for free to everyone in the Vallerret community and while that freebie has ended, you can still pick up his Iceland presets for a bargain. 

Download Simon Markhof Iceland Presets

If you're not sure who Simon is, you're in for a treat! Simon found Vallerret very early on in his search for photography gloves that fit the bill for him. It was way back when we only just had our first prototype made (many adjustments were coming) and were still in the early stages of getting into gear and launching our Kickstarter campaign. 

Based out of Germany, Simon has shared his global photography adventures with the Vallerret Community throughout the years and we're always impressed with his ability to capture the raw beauty of the places he visits. 

Simon created these presets with great care using photos of his own trips to Iceland. As always, presets are best used as a starting point for image processing. Functions such as exposure, compensation, etc. can be adjusted later. 

This preset is compatible with Lightroom CC Classic from version 7.3 (.XMP file format).


Icelandic horses, sheep, reindeer - you will encounter a lot of animals in Iceland. This preset increases contrast and structure and desaturates the strong colours. Perfect for photos of animal encounters in Iceland.



The preset for your Northern Lights photos. If you are lucky enough to visit Iceland in winter you might get a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights. This preset optimizes the interplay between green and blue tones and adds the necessary contrast. But be careful, this preset does not work easily with all Northern Lights photos. Photos with very dark skies and light activity will work best.



The black beach on which blocks of ice the size of a small car lie is one of the most famous sights on the ring road. This preset is suitable for exactly this scenery, which emphasizes the blue tones and enhances contrast and structure. This preset works best with photos of cloudy days.




Iceland is the land of fire and ice. And if you talk about ice, Iceland's glaciers should not be missing. This preset is intended for Iceland's glaciers. Rich blue, deep black and high contrasts and detailed structure ensure the perfect glacier look.




As a third preset that features ice, this preset for the glacier lagoon is one of the blue-coloured presets in this package. Perfect for photos in the glacier lagoon, whether in sunshine or clouds.



The famous airplane wreck is an attraction for many Icelandic tourists and is perfect as a photo opportunity. This preset ensures the right photo mood on cloudy days.




Probably the most universal preset from this package is perfect for almost all sightings on the wayside of Iceland's ring road. Contrast adjustments and the coordination between yellow and blue tones let the landscape shine in the Icelandic look.




Ideal for taking detailed pictures of the most famous waterfall in Iceland. Hard contrasts, emphasis on green tones and desaturated blue tones ensure a coherent picture.




Ideal for wide-angle shots of Skogafoss in Iceland, where the shades of blue must not be completely lost. Here, too, the image look is characterized by hard contrasts and the emphasis on green and yellow tones.



Cities, villages and urban areas of Iceland deserve to be presented in the same way as the unreal landscape. Whether Reykjavik or Akurey, this preset can be used universally for the cities of Iceland.


If you like these, check out Simon's website for more presets carefully crafted for your post-processing needs! 


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