It’s the adventures you take that you remember, not the ones you don’t.

Vallerret endeavour to enable photographers to overcome the difficulties of shooting in cold weather, making it easier to go seize the adventure – and capture it.

Team Vallerret

Carl van den Boom

Originally from New Zealand, Carl has been claiming territory in Europe for several years. A keen eye for adventure he is Vallerret’s head designer.

Stine Lyng Jørgensen

Stine has an allergy towards warm weather. Born and raised in the flatlands of Denmark she now pioneers Norwegian mountain and is head of Vallerret’s Marketing.

Lukas Riedl
Team Shooter

Self taught and super talented Lukas is a technical master, though if you hear him talk you will never decipher that he hails from Germany.


Rickard Croy
Team Shooter

Our Swedish Rockstar, Rickard, has a huge passion for the mountains, adrenalin and the culture that lives within the snowy peaks – always armed with a camera.

Vallerret Photography gloves. Simon Markhof

Simon Markhof
Team Shooter

Early mornings, landscape photography and design make up a day in the life of Simon – our team’s absolute Master of Photo Adventures.

Photo by Carl van den Boom. Vallerret Photography Workshop with Vernon Deck

Martin Bjørkqvist
Team Shooter

Our ninja from Sweden: Martin started his photography in the Austrian mountains, if nothing else but to fuel the obsession of skiing whilst injured.

Vallerret photography gloves_Todd header

Todd Easterbrook
Team Shooter

A camera, tied with a photography education and the powder bug, Todd built himself a full time photography career oriented around snowboarding.

Vallerret photography gloves_Shooter logo_circle profile pic

Our Story

Vallerret was founded in 2014 by fellow Winter-loving photographers.

Founders Stine Lyng Jørgensen and Carl van den Boom have been chasing Winter for as long as they can remember. Combining exploration with snowboarding, they have followed the Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland, mushed sled dogs in Alaska but mostly spent their time chasing snowfall around mountains in Europe.

When you love Winter just as much as you love photography, you know all about how sensitive your hands are to the cold. As many Winter-loving photographers before them, Carl and Stine struggled to keep their hands warm enough to get the shots they wanted. Most sessions turned into a battle of comfort versus results, which left them opting to head inside for the warmth or leaving the camera in the bag altogether.

In 2014, tired of compromising and fighting the cold, Stine and Carl committed to start making the product they hadn’t been able to find: a funky and functional photography glove – a perfect glove for cold weather photography adventures.

Vallerret is based in Voss, Norway.

Founders of Vallerret Photography Gloves
Merino Wool