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October 01, 2021 2 min read 2 Comments

The moment we launched our brand new Deep-Winter Photography Glove, The Tinden, we knew it would be one of the new favourite gloves for all the Deep Winter photography adventurers.

At the same time we knew there would be some questions regarding the differences between the Ipsoot Glove and the new Tinden - both gloves are "Deep Winter Warriors".

In brief, we've taken everything we love about the Ipsoot, tweaked and improved some features, listened carefully to customer feedback and requests - and voila! We give you the Tinden - our new deep Winter glove.

Below, you will find a full list of their features - compared.



 Tinden Ipsoot
Cuff tinden
Cuff ipsoot
The Tinden uses the Gauntlet Cuff and strap. They open wider when putting the glove on and can be tightened to preference when wearing the glove. It's designed to go under your jacket sleeve.
Ipsoot uses Jersey Cuff.
 Flip tech position:
 Tinden Ipsoot
Fliptech tinden
Fliptech ipsoot
The Tinden has an updated flip tech position. Lowered opening of the index and thumb on the Tinden, to make sure fingers of all sizes are exposing enough of the finger to access your dials without interruption. The Ipsoot has a higher opening of the index and thumb.
 Tinden Ipsoot
Insulation tinden Insulation ipsoot
The Tinden uses Primaloft Gold 270gsm on the back of the hand and 170gsm on the front. Whilst this might not mean anything to most people, The Tinden will pack a punch when it comes to battling the cold, yet still keep the dexterity so you can continue to use your gear with ease.
The Ipsoot uses Thinsulate G120.
 Pre-Curved design:
 Tinden Ipsoot
Pre-curved tinden Pre-curved ipsoot
We have always used a pre-curve as it just feels better on your hand. The Tinden has taken the pre-curve to the next level, so from a dexterity point of view the added insulation is unnoticeable. The Ipsoot has our classic Pre-curve.
 Glove Hooks:
 Tinden Ipsoot
Hooks tinden
The Tinden has a new Carabiner and Steel eyelet, meaning you can clip the gloves together to hang from anywhere, your belt loop, bag strap, or hook on the wall. The Ipsoot has no hooks.
Tripod Key:
 Tinden Ipsoot
Tripod key tinden tripod key ipsoot
The Tinden has an updated Tripod Key. It has been reduced in size and made solid / more robust. The Ipsoot uses our classic Tripod Key.
Lens wipe:
 Tinden Ipsoot
Lens wipe tinden Lens wipe ipsoot
The Tinden has a True Suede Lens wipe. It's a DWR goat leather suede wipe. The Ipsoot has faux Nubuck lens wipe.
 Tinden Ipsoot
Style tinden Style ipsoot
The Palms are comparable and differentiate mainly via the palm print. The Ipsoot standard palm print.
Back of the hand:
 Tinden Ipsoot
Back hand tinden Back hand ipsoot
The noticeable difference on the back of the hand comes with DWR Leather fingers on the Tinden offering a more robust glove against abrasion. The Ipsoot with a standard back of the hand design.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to let us know in the comments.

2 Responses

Nebo | Vallerret Photography Gloves
Nebo | Vallerret Photography Gloves

November 02, 2021

Hey Curtis, thank you for your comment. We tried that design before, but there was no satisfying long-term solution. It’s great you’ve found one!

Curtis Juliber
Curtis Juliber

October 14, 2021

Still wish you were able to design a glove with a tight fitting merino later over the exposed fingers so they provide some warmth to those of us whose fingertips get real cold! My solution now is to wear a liner under your ipsoot

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