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January 18, 2023

Christoph Jorda is a seasoned photographer hailing from the breathtaking Allgäu Alps in Germany, where he resides with his family. With over 20 years behind the lens, he's explored over 50 countries, capturing both the serene beauty of outdoor scenes and the harsh realities of crisis zones. His work has earned him international acclaim, winning prestigious awards in diverse categories.

But Christoph's lens isn't just about capturing images—it's about making a difference. He's a staunch advocate for social and environmental causes, dedicating his talents to long-term projects focused on issues like glacier melt, climate change, the plight of refugees and poverty. Through his art, he aims to spark conversations and inspire action, proving that photography can be a powerful force for change.

He recognizes the potential for positive impact inherent in his craft and shares the belief that if each person devoted just a fraction of their talents to societal betterment, the world would be vastly improved. Inspired by initiatives like Vallerret's collaboration with the 1% for the Planet movement, he sees his role as a photographer in a media-saturated world as both a privilege and a responsibility. Through his lens, he strives not only to capture captivating imagery but also to leverage his influence for the greater good, echoing the sentiment that with power comes the duty to enact positive change.

Follow Christoph's captivating journey on Instagram and explore more of his work on his website. 

Instagram | Website

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Sarah Lyndsay
Sarah Lyndsay

January 20, 2023

Sarah Lyndsay is a fine art landscape and self - portrait photographer based in the Canadian Rockies and is widely known for her ethereal creations taken in the yellow dress. She works professionally in the photography industry and has a whippet, Ollie, who is by her side on all adventures. She educates and inspires on YouTube and shares all the behind the scenes of how she creates through video.

Visit her amazing social feed below:

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Sebastian Copeland
Sebastian Copeland

January 19, 2023

Sebastian Copeland is a renowned explorer, photographer, and environmental advocate. His captivating imagery of endangered regions, especially the polar ice caps, serves as a stark reminder of the urgency of climate action. Through partnerships and advocacy, Copeland inspires global audiences to take meaningful steps towards a sustainable future. His compelling TED Talks and acclaimed documentaries further amplify his message of environmental stewardship and preservation. 

Visit his channels to learn more: 

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Roksolyana Hilevych
Roksolyana Hilevych

March 05, 2022

Roksolyana Hilevych, a talented Ukrainian landscape photographer now residing in Italy, found her calling in photography at an early age while spending countless hours in the darkroom with her father. From the age of 18, she embarked on a journey of capturing the breathtaking beauty of nature across the globe. Inspired by the myriad colors and compositions found in the natural world, photography became more than just a hobby—it became her passion, a constant source of inspiration and growth. With each click of her camera, Roksolyana explores new horizons, seeking to capture the essence of the world around her while continually pushing the boundaries of her craft.

Check out her social channels for a glimpse into her stunning portfolio.

Instagram | Facebook


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