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December 18, 2019

Redesigning Vallerret’s Bestselling Photography Glove

How to improve our number one crowd favorite? At Vallerret, there’s always a way! The Markhof Pro glove has been with us since our second glove production and not long after being on the market, it became our #1 customer favourite.

Improve, improve, improve!

Markhof Pro Model 2.0 - Lofoten Norway. Photo by Christian Hoiberg

Photo by: Christian Hoiberg

We’re always trying to innovate and improve so instead of resting on the success of the Markhof Pro, we quickly began looking at ways to make it even better. Every seam and every pattern section has been looked over and evaluated for improvement.

“If you add up the hours we spend looking at gloves up close every year, it becomes sort of ridiculous,” jokes Carl van den Boom, Co-Founder, and Head of Design. “We want to make sure that our gloves are helping photographers stay out longer to take photos and we’re constantly thinking we can make it even easier.”

The Nitty Gritty:

Photography Glove Design

If you liked the original Markhof Pro, you’ll love the Markhof Pro 2.0.
Our Markhof Pro 2.0 model features a pre-curved glove design, 100% merino wool inner,  our signature FlipTech finger caps with magnets as well as a super grippy palm print.
We used goat leather and 2 ply DWR outer shell and suede that resist water and protects from the elements.
A Thinsulate mid-layer adds that extra warmth to battle cold winter temps.


Our “Never leave home without them” gloves

Gloves used for winter photography

The vision behind the Markhof Pro 2.0 glove design is the craft a versatile winter glove that you can wear from the streets to the peaks. We knew they’d have to be thick enough to keep you warm in the mountains, but also the type of glove you can wear around the city when you’re not far from home.
The Markhof Pro 2.0 is designed to always have a space in your camera bag for every-day photography adventures. A lot of thought has gone into making this a “best-of-both-worlds” design and that’s probably why it has become so popular with customers. We made this glove designed to fit the needs of landscape and action sports photographer, Simon Markhof.

Behind the name Markhof:

Snowboarder looking at a photo on the camera
If you’re wondering why our most popular glove is named “Markhof” you’re not alone. This glove was named after our Bavarian German team shooter who has inspired us with his photography for years. Simon Markhof is the master of every-day photography adventures which fits perfectly with the ethos behind this glove. As a full-blooded photography adventurer, Simon also skilled at finding seemingly untouched places to snap landscape or snowboarding shots. Whether by himself or among his crew of fellow photographers, he’s always pushing his talents above and beyond.

“What is most important to me is that photography enables me to capture and preserve the adventures I take – no matter how small they might be,” he tells us. Simon began experimenting with photography in 2006 and it wasn’t long before he upgraded his point and shoot to a full DSLR. The rest is history.
Simon embraces the everyday adventure of photography and for that, we salute him with not only his own pro model glove but a new and improved Markhof 2.0. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Photography glove inspiration
You can see more of Simon's work on his website or Instagram.


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