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February 14, 2022

Felix is a professional photographer & workshop leader hailing from Köln, Germany, with a knack for capturing the beauty of landscapes. Born in Spain and raised across Germany and Chile, his wanderlust was ignited early on, fueling his curiosity for the world's endless wonders—a realization that there's more out there than he could ever hope to see in one lifetime.

His nomadic upbringing instilled in him a spirit of flexibility and curiosity. Amidst the shifting continents, he found solace and inspiration in nature's embrace, exploring its diverse tapestry wherever he roamed.

While art class may not have been his forte, he always harbored a deep-seated affinity for creativity, albeit buried beneath layers of other interests. It wasn't until he found himself behind the lens of a camera that everything clicked into place. Peering through the viewfinder, he discovered a transformative shift in perspective—a revelation that would alter the course of his life forever.

With that pivotal moment, his journey into photography began—a journey marked by an insatiable hunger for capturing moments frozen in time. It became his consuming passion, an addiction he gladly surrendered to, forsaking all other hobbies in its wake.

For him, an image transcends mere pixels on a screen; it's a vessel for evoking raw emotions—be they warmth or chill, joy or melancholy. He strives to craft visual narratives that pull the viewer into a world of their own, inviting them to weave their own tales from the frozen moments he's captured.

There's a peculiar allure to snow and ice that captivates his soul, though his lens isn't limited to frosty landscapes alone. Yet, you're more likely to find him navigating the Arctic tundra than basking in tropical warmth.

In those solitary moments amidst nature's grandeur, he finds his truest sense of belonging—observing the dance of weather and light, witnessing the alchemy of clouds parting to reveal a kaleidoscope of shadows and illumination. Whether it's the subtle shift of a breeze or the explosive display of an aurora, he's there, chasing moments of natural splendor and serenity, forever in awe of the power and beauty that surrounds us.

Explore his websites and channels today, and let his artistry ignite your passion for the beauty captured in every frame.

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Sarah Lyndsay
Sarah Lyndsay

January 20, 2023

Sarah Lyndsay is a fine art landscape and self - portrait photographer based in the Canadian Rockies and is widely known for her ethereal creations taken in the yellow dress. She works professionally in the photography industry and has a whippet, Ollie, who is by her side on all adventures. She educates and inspires on YouTube and shares all the behind the scenes of how she creates through video.

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Sebastian Copeland
Sebastian Copeland

January 19, 2023

Sebastian Copeland is a renowned explorer, photographer, and environmental advocate. His captivating imagery of endangered regions, especially the polar ice caps, serves as a stark reminder of the urgency of climate action. Through partnerships and advocacy, Copeland inspires global audiences to take meaningful steps towards a sustainable future. His compelling TED Talks and acclaimed documentaries further amplify his message of environmental stewardship and preservation. 

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Christoph Jorda
Christoph Jorda

January 18, 2023

Christoph Jorda has a captivating journey through over 20 years behind the lens, exploring over 50 countries and capturing the beauty of outdoor scenes set side by side with the stark realities of crisis zones. With a commitment to social and environmental causes, his lens focuses on issues like glacier melt, climate change, poverty, and the plight of refugees. Join him in sparking conversations and inspiring action through the powerful medium of photography. Follow Christoph's inspiring work on Instagram and explore more on his website.

Instagram | Website

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