Vallerret Partners

David Johnston is a renowned landscape, wildlife and humanitarian photographer from the beautiful state of Tennessee in the United States.
Along side fine art photography, David runs a photography tutorial website, is host of the podcast “Photography Roundtableand leads Photography workshops throughout some of Americas most picturesque national parks.


Joseph Large is a professional photographer and filmmaker originally hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When not on the road on tour he resides in Breckenridge, CO. He specializes in shooting for/with professional athletes, recording artists, bands, and commercial clients. Some of his recent clients include: Pepsi, Newsweek, Men’s Journal, Vail Resorts, Loctite, and Rockford Fosgate.

Andrea Molinari is a professional photographer and filmmaker based in Trentino, Italy, right in the heart of the Dolomites.
Andrea specializes in sports photography and still life and you will find him behind the lense for many of Italy’s cycling events, swimming competitions, running races and Marathon’s. Andrea has shot several national TV commercials in Italy and shoots mountain biking and swimming videos around the world. In his own words: “My photo backpack is always ready to go” whether headed for the sea, the mountains or the city.

Ronny-Ritschel-Vallerret Partner

Ronny Ritschel is an international large format photographer, bestseller author and screen printer originally from Germany. He currently lives in Eastern Ontario/Canada. His photographs have been presented at national and international exhibitions, published in well-known magazines and also been found in private collections in North America and Europe. Ronny is also the man behind a well-known German photography blog, and takes care of his own apparel company.

“Photography is more than just knowing how to deal with your equipment. You have to train your vision and wait patiently for the right moment to capture that special view of the world. For this reason, art is always something personal…“

Sebastian Belzner

Sebastian Belzner is a Landscape, Architecture & Abstract Photographer from Munich, South Germany. Before he moved to Bavaria he lived in Australia for a while where he mainly photographed advertising for serveral Sydney-based companies. Since he is living in Munich, the pre-Alps and Alps have heavily influenced his style as a photographer and he specializes in Landscape & Outdoor Photography

Vallerret Partner, National Parks at Night
National Parks at Night love making photos at night. They love the abundant natural beauty of America’s National Parks and choose to celebrate it in long-exposure photographs. They teach night photography with the aim of helping you to create epic images while having the time of your life.

If you are interested in indelible memories, jaw-dropping photography opportunities and top-notch education from some of the most prolific and experienced night photography educators, then they are the team you need to get in touch with.

Vallerret photography gloves partner

Seven Twenty Productions is a Chamonix based adventure sports production agency.  We specialise in action/adventure sports and extreme environments.  We have a small, but talented in-house team and collaborate with a network of extremely talented crew from specialist camera operators to directors and production assistants.  In addition, we work with over 40 professional action sports athletes from runners and climbers to wingsuit pilots, BASE jumpers, speed flyers and high-liners.  We match the right team to our clients brief to achieve the impossible in any country around the world.  For us, nothing is impossible, the word itself means I’m possible.

Glenn Bartley and Vallerret Photography Gloves

Glenn Bartley is a professional nature photographer from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Glenn is especially well known for his portraits of rare and difficult to photograph birds. He focuses almost all of his efforts on capturing intimate images of birds in their natural habitat and provides workshops aimed at improving photographers bird photography.

Nordic images, a vallerret partner
Brian Lichtenstein is a Danish landscape photographer, specializing in seascapes and long exposures. With a focus to document our wonderful world and the amazing experiences that nature provides, he is often found wandering the shoreline in search of a composition. Through Nordic Images, Brian runs landscape workshops from Denmark to locations such as Iceland.
Vallerret photography gloves and Christian Hoiberg

Christian Hoiberg is a Norwegian based landscape photographer. He is also the creator of capture landscapes. A brilliant resource and an online community where landscape photographers of all levels can learn, discuss and inspire.

Vallerret Partner, Bret Chairman
Bret Charman is an award-winning wildlife photographer and photographic tour leader based in the UK.  With a passion for wildlife that goes far beyond photography, and being a real people person, it is little surprise that Bret leads wildlife-focused trips all over the world. Bret runs a range of wildlife photography tours to destinations including the UK, Finland, Svalbard and Zimbabwe – all in partnership with Wildlife Worldwide.’
Jose Ramos Vallerret Ambassador

José Ramos is a landscape photographer and doctor from Portugal, currently living in Lisbon, with his online portfolio established at His work has won international awards and has been published in several international magazines, including National Geographic, The Telegraph, Photography Week or Digital SLR Photography. He runs custom photo-tours in Portugal, sells large format prints to all over the world and is an official ambassador for some well know international photography brands.

Joshua Miravalles Vallerret Ambassador

Joshua Miravalles is a social, lifestyle, travel and landscape photographer based in Bilbao, Basque Country. Joshua works specially with natural light, and loves to travel with a focus on winter destinations. Josh takes great pleasure in planning the journey and imagining the final picture which can been realised with projects such as “Etxebarri, along the time”, a small project about the changes of a town over the years.