Winter Photography with the Sony A6300

Winter photography with Sony Mirrorles camera

Winter Photography with the Sony A6300, I mean what’s not to like about getting new toys!!

I have jumped ship (or at least have a foot on both ships) over to the mirrorless side. I have added the Sony A6300 to the setup for both filming and photography. As it’s new, I took it out for a shoot with Local snowboarder and friend Samuel Christensson.

I have to say, this isn’t a review of the camera but instead my thoughts of using the Sony out in the field.


Main take-aways of using the Sony A6300 for winter photography:

  • Live View and image review through the view finder is a game changer in the bright winter conditions.
  • Size and weight is extremely nice to have.
  • Am not getting the images super sharp with the peak focusing. – Need to practice more.
  • 11 Fps for sports is awesome.
  • Need to change the function of the top dial to the shutter speed as I was constantly adjusting other settings by accident when I wanted to change the shutter speed.

Well that was fun!
Let me know if you have any questions or comments!




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