Videography for the photographer. Everything you need to know to start shooting video.

how to shoot video

I can push record and point the lens with at least a slightly creative angle, but as for choosing the right settings etc, I have no idea. As a photographer could your videography skills also level up? If so, Rickard Croy a.k.a “the master” will enlighten us all with “videography for the photographer.”

Rickard has been joining us for a few days in Norway. We have been shooting some Vallerret commercials together, and watching him work had me realising that I really new nothing about shooting video. I mean sure, as I mentioned I can push the rec button and play with some shaky hand held “dolly shots” but that’s about it. Thus, I had Rickard walk me through how to set up my DSLR, tips on transitioning into videos and making them good, plus focusing and a few other key points.

If you would like the cheat sheet for “Videography for the Photographer :Grab the PDF here

I hope you learned a bunch and check out Rickard’s work on;


Instagram: @rickardcroy

and of course Vallerret’s you-tube Channel: Vallerret

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