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“The best photography gloves on the market. I am a huge fan”

Nick Page / contributor

Test & Review: Vernon Deck, Volcom Snowboard Photographer (2:39 and final comments 5:05)

“Big thumbs up to Carl & Stine, these gloves are great!”

Vernon Deck / Volcom Snowboarding Photographer

Article reviews

Exploring Exposure by David Kingham

“Review of Vallerret Photography Gloves”

“I am extremely satisfied with these gloves and would highly recommend them”

David Kingham / Exploring Exposure

Other reviews

“I lost my Vallerret Gloves this Winter. Since having them and then losing them I’ve realised even more how good they are and bought a new pair straight away.”

Charlotte Workman / Andorra Ski Resort Photographer

“I really really love my gloves. I would cry for days if i lost them!!!!!”

Anymonous survey response / Early Bird purchaser

“Received my gloves today (woohoo!!) Awesome design and the size fits nicely, not forgetting it’s really warm wearing them..haha. Thank you so much for making such great gloves!”

Goh Chee Yong / Singapore