From Slovakia to the Arctic with Pedro Kin

Interview with Pedro Kin

Favouring the colder more dramatic climates, Pedro Kin chases the lights unfazed by the conditions. A Portuguese landscape photographer based in Slovakia, we had been talking with Pedro about some of his adventures and gearing up when we thought it would be best to write a few things down. He is a brilliant photographer, a great guy and not shy to share his knowledge with those that want to learn.

From untapped photography locations to one-on-one courses, enjoy our interview with Pedro Kin

Vallerret Interview with Pedro Kin.

Vallerret: You are a self-proclaimed adventure seeker, or perhaps a light chaser is a better description. Where did you last travel to and what was the project you were involved in?

Pedro: I assisted Colby Brown on his photography workshop in Norway and in Iceland,

Vallerret: Can you give us some insight into a day-in-your-life during this last trip?

Pedro: Predict where the best light will be by looking into weather apps and decide where to take everyone for sunrise and sunset, and by the end of the day hoping we would have aurora activity and plan where to go to capture it.

Vallerret: How do other photographers get a foot in the door to create an opportunity for themselves to be involved in similar projects?

Pedro: That is a hard question. I would say hard work, make yourself visible and we all need a little bit of luck to embrace every opportunity we get.

Vallerret Interview with Pedro Kin.
Vallerret Interview with Pedro Kin.
Vallerret Interview with Pedro Kin.

Vallerret: What is your favourite photography destination?

Pedro: Iceland. I have to say Iceland due to the diverse landscapes, there is everything I love in one single country, from the Icy Diamond beach to the mountains, and don’t forget amazing landscapes.

Vallerret: Are you willing to share a place that you feel is highly underrated or not yet swarming with photographers chasing iconic images?

Pedro: Well I hope that will not change after this 🙂 but the Faroe Islands. It is a place where you can still have your space to photograph. I was there for the first time this year and I have to return, it is such an amazing place and I feel that most photographers haven’t “discover” it yet.

Vallerret: I noticed when browsing your website that you provide real time training sessions and portfolio reviews. It sounds like a great opportunity to tap your experience and knowledge from anywhere in the world. Could you give some more info on that and how it works?

Pedro: Due to the lack of one to one education around I decided to create my own. My clients will get help editing their own photos and not just see how I edit my own. I setup a skype call with my students and we go over their portfolio, we discuss photography and I teach them Lightroom and Photoshop. This way I can attend to everyone’s needs individually.

Vallerret Interview with Pedro Kin.

Vallerret: Lastly, I have rapid-fire questions for you

1: fastest way to get better images?

Pedro: Don’t worry about the gear, take more photos and be your biggest critic.

2: Will mirroless cameras take over DLSR ‘s in the next 5 years?

Pedro: Probably yes.

3: Black and white or Color

Pedro: I love them both.

4: If you could only take one more image, what would you shoot?

Pedro: I probably would like to shoot the Diamond beach in Iceland with the northern lights above.

5: Best tip for winter photography?

Pedro: There is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing.

All photos by Pedro Kin

Find out all about Pedro, his work and his one-on-one training courses here:
Follow his work on instagram: @pedrokinphotography

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