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Skadi LRS Zipper Mitt
Thierry Maillan

Hi I haven’t tried them yet but will let you know!

No worries, you can give us your feedback once you've had a chance to really test them out :)

Power Stretch Pro Liner with touch

Great Winter Photography Gloves

In my photo trip to Canada in January for the ice bubbles, I needed a good pair of winter photography gloves that can keep my hands warm as well as able to operate my camera. I was referred by several friends to look into Vallerret gloves. I was debating between the Markhof Pro V3 and the Tinden. After reading their photography guide, I decided to go with the Tinden for the temperature and activity that I will be doing. The gloves arrived with great impression. The gloves were high quality, well made, nice looking. It was comfortable. I brought the gloves for the trip and it endured -25C with strong wind gust my first afternoon shooting ice bubbles. They kept my hands warm and dry and I was able to operate my camera with the thumb and index fingers when needed but pulling off those finger tabs and put them back on instantly. I'm happy with the gloves and surely will continue to use them for future winter photography needs.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review of our Tinden gloves. We are so glad to hear that they were able to keep your hands warm and dry during your trip to Canada. We hope you continue to enjoy using the Tinden gloves for all your future winter photography needs. Happy shooting!

Not for really cold climates

Already owning the Markoff 3 I purchased the Tinden for a trip to Abisko to photograph the Northern Lights. Standing in -28C for 3-4 hours with glove liners they were still not warm enough for me. Even with the disposable hand warmers I struggled to keep my finger ends warm. Will have to look into mittens for my next trip. The gloves are well made and will be fine in temperature not quite so cold.

Hi Terri, sorry to hear the gloves were not warm enough. If you're looking at mittens, we recommend the Skadi LRS Zipper Mitt for a 2-in-1 liner and Mitt solution for Deep Winter conditions.

Milford Photography Glove
Dominik Wartbichler
Still the best Allrounder

A while back I was the first one to write a review for this glove.
After long time in use I sadly forgot them on a train and didn’t get them back.
It was a nobrainer for me that I would buy them again!
No Mather of photography, commuting by bike in all weather or just winter walks with the family… this glove is the perfect companion to keep your hands comfy in all conditions!

My absolute favourite!

Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your support and hope the glove continues to be your favorite. Happy shooting!

Excellent gloves

I got these as they offered the fingerless but cover too when needed, and they are a great addition to my kit. I’ve used them a few times now and the grip of the palm is great. My only nit is that I sized them as measured and I guess I was between sizes so went up, they sometimes feel that they are slipping off my hand a little bit, but that is only the punt I took on size, I wonder whether the size below would have been tight. This comment is only around my sizing of the glove, not the absolute quality of the gloves.

I do have other gloves, however these are perfect for my needs in photography.

I would highly recommend these.

Hi Andy,
Thanks for your feedback. Feel free to contact us at for any size exchanges :)

Early days, delighted to date

Delighted, but have only used them a few times and still getting use to using mitts. Well made.

Thanks for your review. We hope you continue to enjoy using the Skadi LRS Zipper Mitt :)

Great, versatile glove

Really well designed, perfect for inclement weather.
Great customer service.

Thank you for your review of the Milford gloves. Happy shooting!

Tinden Photography Glove
christopher crowhurst

I have used these A LOT since I purchased them. They keep me comfortable to about 10F (-12C); below that, I combine them with the over-mittens for absolute warmth. It's transformational not to have to remove gloves to adjust camera settings; staying warm has allowed me to slow down and spend time composing in the cold.

Thank you for your review! We are glad to hear that our Tinden gloves have been keeping you comfortable in cold temperatures. Happy shooting!

Best gloves I’ve bought tried others nowhere near as good as vallererret the fit is perfect and quality is second to none if your thinking of buying a pair don’t hesitate

Thanks so much for your glowing review of the Tinden gloves! Enjoy your gloves and happy shooting :)

Practical and versatile gloves

High quality and innovative gloves not just for photography. I use them also for sports. The size was maybe not perfect for me. Being between small and medium I took your advice and opted for medium. Would have been nice to test small first. Also they are not the warmest gloves below zero. But all and all they work fine for me.

Thank you for your feedback of the Milford gloves. Sorry to hear they are not a perfect fit. Feel free to contact us at for any size exchanges :)

Great gloves.

The feel, texture, and sizing is great. I got them to take to Iceland next month and am excited to put th through their paces.

Thanks for your review! We hope they will serve you well during your trip to Iceland next month. Happy shooting!

My second Valleretts

Hi These are my second pair of Valleretts, bought when I thought I had lost my Markhofs (subsequently found). I love the Markhof but was disappointed at it's waterproofness so when I thought I'd lost them and was looking at the website again, I settled on the Milfords and they have been great. They've been worn several times now, both with and without the waterproof layer and they've lived up to expectations during photography and birdwatching trips, and are probably better suited to the weather here in the south of England than the Markhofs. The fit isn't quite as snug as the Markhofs but is still good and better than any other gloves I've had.

Thanks for your feedback on the Milford glove. We are thrilled to hear that they have lived up to expectations. We hope they continue to keep you warm during your birdwatching and photography trips! Enjoy your gloves and happy shooting :)

Great product, wonderful service

I'm headed to Antarctica so the gloves haven't been field "tested" yet but the quality and design is excellent. I got between a small and a medium. When I received the liners they were just a bit too large, Denisa saw to it that the snake went out quickly and now I'm all set.

Thanks for your feedback on the Power Stretch Pro Liner. We hope they keep you warm during your trip and you're able to fully test them out. Happy winter shooting :)

Good gloves

Warm and functional - ideal

Thank you for your feedback on the Markhof Pro V3 glove! We're glad to hear that you find them warm and functional. Happy shooting!

Great gloves

These are a lovely fit, comfortable and warm. I wish I had these during my last trip to Norway and they work so well when operating a camera.

Thanks for your review of the Markhof Pro V3 gloves! Enjoy the gloves and happy winter shooting :)

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove

The perfect modular gloves/mitts system for a Canadian Photographer!

So over my many years as a professional landscape photographer, I have tried dozens of different brands of gloves…as many models as you can possibly buy in a lifetime! What ever most companies call winter gloves with tactile function simply doesn’t work as intended…

I live in Canada…we know what winter is here! And it took people from the great north to understand other people from the great north as far as keeping our hands hot goes!

My hope to find proper photography gloves were almost dead until I tried Vallerret Markhof not too long ago! I later got a pair of Alta Arctic Mitts and Pro Liners and wow! Finally a modular gloves/mitts option that works for us landscape photographers! If the temperature is nice and warm, I can only wear my Liners…things are getting colder outside, I’ll use the Markhof and if things are getting stupid cold, I will use the Alta Arctic Mitts on top of the Markhof for maximum insulation. What’s amazing is that you retain all camera functionalities thanks to their finger cap system which allow you to poke a few fingers out while keeping the rest of your hands warm! Now we are talking!

Vallerret means quality! And it shows in their choice of fabrics and hardwares they use for their products. The whole kit will probably cost you more than you ever expected spending on a gloves/mitts setup…but believe me, they are well worth every dollars spent!

Photo Gloves

Order my Markhof pro v3 gloves and I was really happy with dispatch time and the quality of the gloves are excellent and perfect for photography

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! Happy shooting!

At last photography gloves that are useable.

I purchased the Vallert Hatchet photography gloves because I needed a warm, comfortable and useable pair of photography gloves. I've now used them several times and most recently in heavy snow and freezing temperatures. At last a pair gloves that kept my hands warm and dry and allowed me to use my camera without problem.

Thanks for your review of the Hatchet gloves! Enjoy the gloves and happy winter shooting :)

The neck wstmer

Arrived on time but I haven’t worn it yet!

Alta Arctic Mitt Photography Glove
christopher crowhurst
Perfect partner

I spent a wonderful cold weekend in north Minnesota capturing the ice along the shore of Lake Superior. I wore these mittens over the top of Vallerret Tiden gloves, and silk liners. My fingers stayed lovely and warm and I was able to use the camera easily, including the touch screen. I cant recommend this combination enough.

Thank you for your feedback of the Alta Arctic Mitt. Stay warm and happy winter shooting :)

Well thought out and manufactured but finger tip insulation inadequate

I am a person who gets cold fingertips outdoors in Winter (in Eastern Europe) even when the rest of me is warm and I have yet to find a single glove that succeeds in keeping my fingers tips from going numb inside half an hour at minus temperatures Celsius.
These gloves are excellent for photography but need a better insulating layer for the last finger joint to meet the needs of people like me, who are probably a minority.
I have resolved the problem previously by wearing an extra inner glove but that means losing the advantages of the rather clever pop off fingertips.
I should add that if only the fingertips under the pop off had gone numb, I would gave accepted that as a trade off for the convenience, but all my finger tips got cold at the same rate.
In all other respects, these gloves justify the high price.

Hi Markas,
Sorry to hear the gloves were not warm enough. In that case I would suggest a different glove model, designed for Deep Winter conditions, with thicker insulation.
The Tinden or the Hatchet gloves are our warmest 5-fingered glove with Primaloft Insulation that will keep your fingertips warm.
We also have the Power Stretch Pro Liners you could add underneath the gloves, for an extra layer of warmth. You can also use the Liners with the Flip-Tech of the gloves as they have Touchscreen capabilities.

Best gloves for winter photography

Purchased recently
I've already had the chance to try them in the mountains. I am fully satisfied because my hands remained warm and above all they are comfortable for taking photographs. They are also comfortable during trekking while using trekking poles. I recommend them.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Markhof Pro V3 Photography Gloves. We are glad to hear that you have already had the chance to put them to the test in the mountains and that they have met your expectations. Happy shooting!

Tinden Photography Glove
Garry Turnquist
Great glove

These are great gloves i highly recommend them.