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Power Stretch Pro Liner with touch

Ipsoot Fotohanske
Daz Barber
A Stunning Prize!

I have only tried them on, they are excellent, I am looking forward to using them, eventually in Iceland with luck. I rarely win anything, these are very well designed and thought out, I am really pleased, thank you for your speedy delivery and communication

Our pleasure Daz! We are stoked that you like your gloves, fingers crossed you will get to take them to Iceland soon. All the best for your next photo adventure:-)

Great mitts but take care if ordering from the UK

The mitts are perfect, a really good product, but take care if you are ordering from the UK. I ordered two pairs together to save on postage not realising that there would be extra tax payments payable to the courier as it took the value of the package over £135. The Brexit effect! If I had known I would have ordered them separately and avoided the extra £67 charge.

Urbex Photography Glove
Luis Filipe Antunes

Urbex Photography Glove

Glove liners

I received my new merino glove liners which fit very well based on the size chart selection. They fit well inside my outer gloves well also. The only drawback is that now that the weather has begun to warm up I won’t get to test them until next winter.

Good quality but a very Slim fit, be warned as the the website says.

I am a large person, 6ft 4 ins,so I have the largest, the XXL and they are still a very tight fit. An XXXL would have been ideal, but this was not an option.

A perfect combination with my Markhof Pro 2

While the Markhof does a fantastic job keeping the rest of the hand warm and comfortable, my thumb and index fingers were getting numb while shooting outside on especially cold days. Bought the Primaloft/Merino Liner first but they were too thin so returned them and then got these instead. A perfect fit and just what I was looking for. Excited for the next winter. Great job Vallerret!

Gloves are warm but too big

I ordered size XS, which is the smallest possible size, but they are still too large for me. Previously I used Women's gloves (also size XS) which are specifically built for small female hands. Those were perfect, but too cold.
These Ipsoots are slightly bigger making it harder for me to handle my camera as the fingertop randomly flips back because my finger doesn't reach that far. However they are still very warm and I will keep them on me.

Hand Warmer - ONLY HOT
giacomo de cesero

Ottima qualità e lavorazione

Great gloves

Excellent quality


sometimes hard to close zip , but everything is osom , warm filming is the main thing in art :)

Very impressed!

I haven't had much time to put these to the test due to lockdown restrictions, but they fit perfectly and will be a great addition to my gear when I can get back out. Can't wait for winter!

Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP
Benjamin Wymer
Great design!

These gloves give you the benefits of both worlds: warmth from the mittens and ease of use from the gloves. Well constructed and warm these gloves are great for mild winter conditions. I'm not sure they would be warm enough for my typically cold hands in intense cold (below 15° F or so). Worth a purchase!

First time ever for photography gloves

These are awesome. The grip, the warmth, and of course the two finger covers that allow camera setting adjustments. Very well thought out!

Thrilled you love the design and warmth of Markhof Pro 2.0 gloves Winston :D Happy winter shooting!

Markhof Pro 2.0 Photography Glove

Good Fit, a little tight

Would recommend getting a size up from what you expect. I ordered a small based on the measurements, but when i put the gloves on, the circulation to my fingers was being cut off. Exchanged for a larger size which was pretty easy no hassle involved.

Happy to help and happy you like the gloves overall :) Happy winter shooting!

Urbex Photography Glove
Bruce Blackerby
Nice gloves. But could be even better.

I like these gloves overall, but they could be even better. First, offer them in black as well. Second, better stitching and quality control needed. The stitching on the fingers is inconsistent and it shows. This is typical on most gloves these days. Be better than most. Third, use an adjuster or a second snap for the strap.

Bruce, thanks a lot for taking the time to leave the review. We're constantly working on improvements, so your feedback is greatly appreciated! If you'd want to address this issue with our customer support, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@photographygloves.com Happy winter shooting :)


Due to Covid restrictions I have not been able to put these gloves to use, having said that I have tried them on and they feel really well made and super comfy.

Great gloves. Warm and functional!

Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP
Raymond Vallons

Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP

Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP
Juha Tissari

After few times wearing them I'm very happy with the product. The intention is to test the gloves more closely in the near future and after that I'm going to write an article for Sickman blog.

Markhof Pro 2.0 Photography Glove

First pair!

This are my first pair of photography gloves, and the fit is amazing. I’ve only been able to use them a few times because the weather has been getting milder in my part of the world. The fit is snug and unobtrusive, plus very stylish. I’m very happy with my purchase!

Urbex Photography Glove
Robert Sullins
Great Gloves!

They really hit the spot, many thx!

Fantastic to hear that Robert :D Happy winter shooting!

Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP
Edson H Cheung
Well made photo mitt

good insulated mitten, double layer and warm. fit well with my medium size hands.
Function well for photography in cold weather