The Man behind “The Markhof Pro Model” – Our #1 Bestselling Photography Glove

Behind the scenes of the Markhof pr Model our bestselling Photography glove

Have you met Simon Markhof? He’s a Master of Every Day Photography Adventures and the inspiration for The Markhof Pro ModelAllow us to introduce you to a guy that keeps inspiring us to stop making excuses and instead go out and capture adventures:

Simon Markhof is a full-blooded photography adventurer hailing from Bavaria, Germany. He is an avid explorer taking to the seemingly untouched places to snap landscape or travel shots. In the short time we’ve known him he’s been claiming territory with his camera all over the globe and deep into his own backyard in Germany. Whether by himself or among his crew of fellow photographers, he’s always pushing his talents above and beyond.

“What is most important to me is that photography enables me to capture and preserve the adventures I take – no matter how small they might be”
– Simon Markhof

How Vallerret met Simon Markhof

As most “love stories” of today, our relationship took shape online at first. Simon found Vallerret very early on in his search for photography gloves that fit the bill for him. It was way back when we only just had our first prototype made (many adjustments were coming) and were still in cocoon getting into gears to run a Kickstarter campaign that he dropped us an email.

Impressed with Simon’s approach to photography, portfolio and input for the gloves we invited him to join the Vallerret Team as a Team Shooter. Lucky for us, Simon was happy to join the team and share the Vallerret love and he has since taken our brand and gloves on adventures all over the globe as a dedicated ambassador.

You can also find tips and photography travel inspiration from Simon right here on Vallerret’s Blog. For example you can read:

“…looking at a picture I will always remember the mindset I had back when I took the shot. And all the feelings will be revived (..) That is what photography is to me” – Simon Markhof

The rise of The Markhof Pro Model

The initial steps to The Markhof Pro Photography Glove were taken right after Simon won a snowboarding photography competition Vallerret launched. The photo competition was judged by public vote and I think it’s fair to say that Simon’s photos knocked it out of the park.

The prize for the winner was their very own Pro Model Photography Glove. With Simon ending up on top, we started brainstorming over a photography glove that would fit Simon’s needs and wants. It had to be:

  • Well suited for Every Day Adventures in general European Winter temperatures
  • Well suited for landscape & travel photography
  • Somehow have a bit of Simon represented
  • Stylish to match Simon’s cool:-)

Naturally, we asked Simon what kind of glove he was dreaming of and in this video you can hear his criteria for a great photography glove in his own words:

We spent all of spring/summer 2015 testing designs and finally The Markhof Pro Model was born in December 2015. As you know, we landed on a black softshell/goat leather/suede glove with 100% merino liner. As a tribute to Simon’s Photography, the non-slip silicone palm print is a stencil of Simon’s epic photo of Mount cook from his time travelling through New Zealand.

Fortunately, many photographers have the same needs as Simon and we are super stoked that our collaboration with Simon has been so successful that The Markhof Pro Model has claimed the title as our bestselling Photography Glove.

If you want to see more from Simon, he has great works displayed on his website at simonmarkhof.deSimon’s instagram is off course another great platform, where you can check out his work.

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into the Man behind The Markhof Pro Photography Glove!

Capture later,

Stine // Team Vallerret

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