5 action winter photographers that should be on your radar.

5 action sport winter Photographers that should be on your radar
From the peaks to the streets to the Oceans, these 5 photographers should be filling your Instagram feed if they aren’t already.
We spend way to much time looking at other photographers work, it may pertain to having a short attention span or just pure procrastinating. None-the-less I am confident that it helps us grow as photographers. Finding inspiration, ideas, motivation and pumping the creative juice through the brain is important to push boundaries. In my opinion seeing the work from great photographers and picking apart what you like about their shots is the best way to achieve this. At the very least it’s great for procrastinating so check these guys out.

Lorenz Holder : @lorenzholder

Lorenz cleaned up the redbull illume 2016 Image Quest, by taking out nearly every category. If I could sum up his work briefly, I would say that he turns action sports into fine art.
German based, Lorenz takes iconic landscape locations and adds simple and clean action. That’s not a totally correct statement for all of his work, but he keeps it clean and simple, and with the action element you are trapped looking at his work in awe.
5 photographers that should be on your radar

Chirs Burkard : @chrisburkard

I’d be surprised if you have not heard of Chris Burkard, but I’m stoked if you haven’t and I can point you towards him. With a massive social media following and pioneer of the typical inspirational adventure shot (think feet sticking out of an open tent with a view) he has dedicated most awake hours to travel and adventure through self taught photography. His cold climate surfing is what he is really known for and the side of his photography that is truly outstanding. Combing landscape photography and action sports in these uninviting environments, his influence and social media fame is un-questionably deserved.

5 photographers that should be on your radar

Emil Sollie : @emilsollie

Norwegian Action sports and landscape photographer out of the Norwegian capital, Oslo. Emil Sollie has turbo-ed into small fame in the past year or so, he has similarities to Chris Burkard but definitely has is his own twist and style. Using the night landscapes and powerful flashes to capture the action, Emil inspires creative thinking by picking apart an action shot and re-designing it with his own lighting set up.

5 photographers that should be on your radar

Jérôme Tanon : @jerometanon

Making a career from snowboard photography I have added Jerome into the mix here for his artistic approach. Shooting stills with film and processing them in unique ways, he is insiprational in taking the traditional and breaking the boundaries.

5 photographers that should be on your radar

Tom Klocker : @tomklockerphotography

As a former pro snowboarder Tom is no stranger to hiking the peaks, now he does it for sunrise and sunset to catch the golden light and the epic views.

We follow Tom for the inspiration to put in the extra yards, becuase the shot from the top is worth the early mornings and cold nights.

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