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Extreme sports photography Two naked base jumpers. Ekstremesportsveko

Whilst adrenaline junkies flooded into town by the van loads, we got the camera gear ready for some good old fashioned extreme sports photography. We joined the excitement, we shot, we competed, we partied and now we want to share the value we found in such an event.

Ekstremesportveko (or ‘Extreme Sports Week’ in english), is an international festival where athletes from all over the globe converge for a week of mayhem, pushing boundaries, competing, and surrounding themselves with like minded people.

Located in the western part of Norway in a little town called Voss it’s very easy to see why this place is a magnet for extreme sports. The landscape beckons for action to take place, with high cliffs over the scenic fjords for base jumping and paragliding,  water pouring from the peaks creating raging water flow for white water kayaking, winding roads making a long boarders paradise, snow on the peaks, calm skies for aero sports, forrest and mountains for Mountain bike action, and the list goes on.


Photo | Carl van den Boom

Down hill biking ekstremsportveko

Photo | Carl van den Boom

Photo | Martha Sverdrup

Why the festival is so great for extreme sports photography and photography in general?

Veko is a blast no matter if your an athlete, spectator, photographer or somewhere in between, you can’t help but soak up the buzz that encapsulates the small town.  With all the sports surrounded in the dramatic scenery the festival provides the ultimate opportunity to get close and photograph things you wouldn’t normally shoot, or perhaps just wouldn’t have access to. Sports like base jumping, speed riding, skydiving, kayaking, Long boarding, downhill mountain biking, white water rafting, dirt jumping to name a few.

With the size of the festival and all the sports happening at the same time, there are a lot of other photographers floating around whether shooting for themselves, the festival, magazines or other, you are surrounded by like minded people having a blast and always keen to chat. Not only is there a smorgas-board of extreme sports to photograph, there are great people to meet and learn from too, plus if your not of the faint hearted you can always get amongst the sports yourself.

Thinking back, I still get a buzz from our week and during the festival we captured some action to show you what it is like to be a photographer during Veko.

The perfect opportunity for a week in Norway and extreme sports photography awaits you, if your interested in joining the festival we would be stoked to hear from you, just send us an email at vallerret@photographygloves.com.

Find out more about Ekstremesportveko via their website ekstremsportveko.com or check out some videos on you-tube .

Capture later.



Photo | Stine Joergensen

Photo | Andreas Roksvaag

Photo | Carl van den Boom

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