Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy Vallerret Photography Gloves in any (offline) retail stores?

No. At this stage you can only buy Vallerret Photography Gloves directly from our own online store. As the only exception, you can find our gloves in the local camera shop Elite Photo here in Voss, Norway.

So unless you are planning to drop by Voss (and please give us a shout if you do), the only way to get your hands on our gloves is through our online store.

Can I exchange size if the gloves don't fit?

Yes. If the gloves don’t fit we’ll find a solution.

If you wish to exchange for another size, you have 30 days to return our gloves . The return shipping will be at your own expense, and the product must be unused and in good state. We’ll cover the shipment costs of the new size to your door. The gloves will give and adjust to your hand when you’ve worn them a few times (just like new shoes), so bear this in mind whilst making your decision.

Please contact before returning the gloves. Depending on your location we will sort out the best and fastest way to make a size exchange.


Where do I return my gloves to if needed?

Please contact before returning the gloves. Depending on your location we will sort out the best and fastest way to make a size exchange.

We have partners in different parts of the world and it would be a shame if you send the gloves across the globe if we had a partner close by. So give us a holler.

What is the difference between Tracked Shipment & International Shipping?
  • Tracked shipment: We send away your gloves with a tracking number provided by our shipping supplier and will forward you the tracking number as we receive it. This way you are able to follow your gloves’ journey from our door to your door.Tracked shipment is the most secure way of sending your gloves and you will have the most accurate ETA.


  • International Shipping: We send away your gloves with regular mail (no tracking). With regular mail we are unable to follow your gloves’ journey from our door to your door. The gloves will arrive in your mailbox just fine, but on rare occasions delivery times can be longer than first estimated.
Where's my order/ can i track delivery progress?

If you have registered for an account whilst buying your gloves, you can revisit your order by clicking “My Account” on the top right corner of the Top navigation bar.

Here it will state if your order is “Processing” or has been “Completed”. “Completed” means that we have sent off the gloves and you will have received an email from us on the day of shipping.

Delivery progress

You can only track your shipment if you have opted for “Tracked shipment” on checkout. If you opted for either “Shipping Norway” or “International Shipping” no tracking is available.

My gloves have not arrived on schedule


If your gloves have not arrived according to estimated delivery, then shoot us an email with your order number and we will sort it out as fast as we can.

What countries do you ship to?


We ship to all countries.

With regular mail shipments (no tracking chosen) please keep in mind that delivery time accuracy will depend on the reliability of your national carrier.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I buy the gloves in your webshop without signing up for an account?

Yes, you can. No problem at all.

All payment transactions are handled by PayPal and payments can be completed either via your PayPal account or by filling in your credit card information (no account needed). On Checkout you will be transferred to PayPal. Simply click the “Pay with my debit or credit card” on the lower part of the payment window and PayPal’s credit card form will unfold.

Credit card details are securely handled at all times by PayPal.

Can I return my gloves if I'm not happy with them?

Yes. If you regret your purchase we offer a full refund within 30 days if gloves are unused and in original packaging. The customer will pay for return shipping. Please contact us on

Something is wrong with my gloves

If something seems wrong with the gloves, please contact us on and we’ll sort it out.

Do you offer express/next day delivery?

No. At this stage we are unable to offer express delivery services, unfortunately.

Can I wash my gloves in the washing machine?

We’d advise you to hand wash your gloves and keep them the far away from the tumble dryer. As the gloves have 100 % merino wool liners, the wool may shrink in the tumble dryer, so don’t take any chances here.

Other questions, enquiries or just up for a chat?

Feel free to give us a shout any time: