€5000 and a week shooting in the Italian Alps

Vallerret shooter wins Click on the mountain 2017
It’s been a winter of good weather and bad weather, of course that opinion depends on who you are and what you you have planned for the day, none-the-less winter has been dry and warm but our team shooters have been busy.
This post we are going to bring you up to speed on one of our shooters Lukas Riedl, and his latest success with “Click on the Mountain”
Located in the Italian side of Mt Blanc, Courmayeur has been running “click on the mountain” for the past 9 years. A rider invited filming and photo competition, a team of 3 riders, 1 filmer and 1 photographer have a week to put together an adventure film ticking all the boxes of certain categories and battle off for a tasty prize of 5000 euro’s, not to mention getting heli time and accessing some outstanding terrain.
It’s normal to leave the punch line until the end but i’ll get straight to it to announce this years winner… our very own Vallerret team shooter LUKAS RIEDL!!!! “Aghhh…. aghhh…. wwwhoooww..” and the crowd goes wild. 
With a winning concept and stellar riding we can’t give all the credit to Lukas but he does deserve a lot of it. As the single videographer and editor he created a hell of a submission.
How did it all go down?
As I mentioned, it’s been an up and down winter and the week was no different for the team consisting of – Tom Klocker, Mario Kaeppeli & Adrian Krainer .
They battled crazy conditions with a 150cm dumping on the first day, with rain and extremely dangerous wet avalanches on the next. Not being able to access the back country due to heavy avalanche dangers, lukas and the crew had to get creative. With a concept of “24 hours on the mountain”, waking up in a tent on top of the mountain, to cracking beers around a fire in the evening and dropping cliffs all day long not possible due to the dangerous conditions, it was back to the drawing board.
The teams had 4 days to film and capture their shots and one day to edit before a public viewing of the submissions and an afterparty. Continuously having to change ideas in order to adjust to the topsy-turvy winter conditions, with the heli days cancelled and their ability to make a snowboard film that would stand out from being the usual riding edit was enough to almost push Lukas and his team to going home early. With a last ditch effort and one sunny day the “Djudes” fired it up and pulled it all together. With a concept of “how much can you shred in one day” instead of the 24 hour concept they claimed the “Click on the Mountain” victory and blew the €5000 on champagne and new photography gear.

Click on the Mountain : Winning Submission



Snap Shots by Lukas Riedl:

Click on the mountain 2017 winners
Click on the mountain 2017 winners
Click on the mountain 2017 winners
Click on the mountain 2017 winners
Click on the mountain 2017 winners
Click on the mountain 2017 winners

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