Canadian Rockies through the eyes of a foreigner: Tips to shooting the Iconic locations.

Canadian Rockies Photography

Talented landscape and adventure photographer Nico Babot has relocated from the beautiful New Zealand to the picturesque Rockies, BC, Canada. A little part of me, the part that grew up in New Zealand feels betrayed, completely selfishly betrayed, as I won’t be able to reminisce of the homeland through his outstanding photography.

My selfish feelings aside, with non-stop energy to explore and with only a short time living in Canada, Nico has been super busy, already building a fantastic body of work from all over his new home. We are excited that he was eager to share his knowledge of these great spots with us. Cheers Nico, my list of places to return to keeps on growing.

For those of you travelling to Canada and for you Northern America folk, add these to your list and go get em!


Tips for photographing lake louise

Tip for Capturing Lake Louise:

The famous lake Louise offers quite a few options for sunrise. If you come early at sunrise you will likely beat the crowd and get the place for yourself.

Sunset option is the tea house (only an hour walk). If you stay for sunset, you will once again get the place for yourself (don’t forget your head torch for the way back)


Tips for photographing Bow Lake, Canada rockie mountains

Tip for shooting Bow Lake:

Great sunrise location. Perfect spot for the morning Alpine glow. Harder to get reflections there but in the morning you maximise your chances to get some. The car park near Num Ti Ja lodge works for a vertical composition. The carpark 1km before the lodge works for an horizontal composition.


Tips for photographing Athabasca falls, Canada rockie mountains

Tip for Shooting Athabaska Falls:

Great place if you want an original shot of the aurora. The falls work very well as a foreground. Just make sure that you don’t go there alone and check before sunset that the suroundings of the falls are not frozen.


Tips for photographing Emerald Lake, Canada rockie mountains

Tip for Shooting Emerald lake:

Perfect place for reflections. On a still morning, the lake looks like a mirror. This is one of those locations that offers so many great angles and works very well at morning and sunset.


Tips for photographing the rockie mountians

Tip for Photographing The Three Sisters:

The three sisters are an iconic mountain close to Canmore. They work great as a sunrise or sunset shot. Just make sure that you come early in the season to get the sun lighting the mountains (the sun stays behind the mountains during winter).


Tips for photographing Ha Ling, Canada rockie mountains

Tip for Shooting Ha Ling:

Go to the carpark of the electric station and you will get a great spot for morning reflexions.

Credits: All images and tips by Nicolas Babot.
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