Vallerret Photography Gloves

Designed in Norway by fellow Winter-passionate Photographers.

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Nick Page Improvephotography

“The best photography gloves on the market. I am a huge fan”

Nick Page / contributor

“Big thumbs up to Carl & Stine, these gloves are great!”

Vernon Deck / Volcom Snowboarding Photographer

Vallerret Photography Gloves

Innovative technology. Extending your session.

Vallerret designs and distributes premium photography gloves.

Featuring premium 100 % merino wool inners, photography specific features
and high performance materials only, Vallerret Photography Gloves provides
for any adventurous photo session.

Founded by fellow Winter-passionate photographers in Norway,
our Photography Gloves gives you exactly what you need:
Warm hands so you can stay out longer and take bangers – without compromising on style.

By photographers. For photographers.