Vallerret endeavour to enable photographers to overcome the difficulties of cold weather shooting – without compromising on comfort or style.

Our gloves combine functionality and high performance materials with a smash-looking design . Our design concept has 4 elements:

We use 100 % Merino Wool as inner in all our photography gloves solely for performance: 

a) Even a thin layer of wool will keep your hands warm. This means that we can design fitted gloves ensuring you a great feel with your camera without compromising on warmth. b) Merino wool regulates to your body temperature and transports sweat away from your skin. As a result your hands will stay dry and comfortable even on warmer days out.

What’s the fuss about Merino Wool? In the world of outdoor wear merino wool is one of the material everyone is raving about. The secret to Merino wool’s success lies in its exceptionally fine fibres, which makes it the softest wool available.

For many years we’ve worn traditional wool clothing. Most of us will agree that wool beats synthetics out of the ring when it comes to performance. But where traditional wool has thick heavy fibres (that are very itchy) and synthetics has plastic fibres (that makes it lightweight but clammy, very stinky and highly flammable), merino wool has super thin fibres that makes it warm in cold weather and cooler in warm weather. It’s soft, light, breathable and doesn’t stink when you break a sweat.

Not all Merino sheep are created equal though. In our photography gloves we use carefully selected merino wool, primarily from merino sheep grassing in New Zealand & Australia.

A great photography glove must be functional and provide you with easy, effortless access to your camera dials. It was is well-known trade-off for all cold weather photographers that the more layers you wear on your hands, the more “camera feel” and contact with your dials you loose.

It has become our challenge to eliminate this trade-off completely inviting photographers to enjoy both comfortable warm hands and easy access to camera dials. We continuously experiment with new design solutions highly aware of the fact that if it isn’t easy, it doesn’t work.

Currently we are working with a range of flip-tech solutions and variations of thin material still allowing you great camera-feel. But we constantly progress and explore new ways.

From early on we’ve designed our photography gloves for performance using only high quality materials and fabrics. We know from experience that quality in material is closely connected to overall performance and comfort. Whether it’s the inner, the shell, the grip or the zipper, it always pays off on performance and comfort to go premium.

We – and You – love photography and spend hundreds of hours out there with our camera in hand. That’s why strive to make the absolute best photography gloves on the market and we are proud not to compromise on quality in materials in any respect.

Naturally, one of the resting pillars in our design concept is to spec all gloves with photography specific details. So far we’ve been working with flip-tech solutions, SD-card pockets, microfibre lens wipe thumbs, super sticky palm print for great camera feel, easy editable colors, grey card features etc.

We are always looking for new ways to make life easier for our fellow photographers out there. Hit us up if you’ve got a great idea we haven’t thought of!

The Markhof Pro model - Detailed design elements

Trigger Mitt - detailed design elements