We’re proud to have a group of very talented photographers as part of our team.

Our Team Shooters hail from all over the world and they are always eager to share their photography adventures and showcase their banger shots to inspire and motivate fellow photographers. Naturally, the Vallerret Team Shooters also play a crucial role when it comes to product development and design of new photography glove models.

Hit them up if you got any questions about their photography or adventures, they’re always up for a yarn!

Self taught and super talented Lukas is a technical master, though if you hear him talk you will never decipher that he hails from Germany.

Over the past few years Lukas has been claiming stakes in the snowboard photography space. Within his portfolio you’ll find photos that have landed in method mag, video footage featured on snowboard production films and multiple catalog shoots for snow-industry brands.

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Another Euro on our talented team, Simon taught himself to snowboard in his backyard, for that alone he earned his way on the Vallerret team. He is an avid explorer taking to the seemingly untouched places to snap landscape or snowboarding shots.

Early mornings, photography and design make up a day in the life of Simon.

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Rickard has a huge passion for the mountains, adrenalin and the culture that lives within the snowy peaks. He is making a name for himself with Rickard Croy Media, ticking up publications that range from Transition magazine and Rocky Mountain underground Skis, to the likes of having Röjk as a major client.

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Growing up on a skateboard on the east side of Canada, Todd made the natural shift to a snowboard along with the move west and into the mountains. A camera, tied with a photography education and the powder bug, Todd built himself a full time photography career oriented around snowboarding.

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Martin started his photography in the Austrian mountains, if nothing else but to fuel the obsession of skiing whilst injured. It’s hard to say if he was injured more then normal because he became pretty damn good at taking pictures.

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